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Luther’s Works, Volume 34

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Included in this volume therefore are four of the debates or disputations held in Wittenberg University between 1535 and 1542. Thirteen of the fourteen treatises appear in their entirety in an English translation for the first time with publication of this volume.

Top Highlights

“But above all else, I beg the sincere reader, and I beg for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ himself, to read those things judiciously, yes, with great commiseration. May he be mindful of the fact that I was once a monk and a most enthusiastic papist when I began that cause. I was so drunk, yes, submerged in the pope’s dogmas, that I would have been ready to murder all, if I could have, or to co-operate willingly with the murderers of all who would take but a syllable from obedience to the pope. So great a Saul was I, as are many to this day.” (Volume 34, Page 328)

“49. Therefore, if the adversaries press the Scriptures against Christ, we urge Christ against the Scriptures.” (Volume 34, Page 112)

“the one article of faith by which the church stands or falls.” (Volume 34, Page 147)

“15. They are more correct who firmly confess that human nature has been corrupted through Adam’s sin.7” (Volume 34, Page 155)

“Works only reveal faith, just as fruits only show the tree, whether it is a good tree. I say, therefore, that works justify, that is, they show that we have been justified, just as his fruits show that a man is a Christian and believes in Christ, since he does not have a feigned faith and life before men. For the works indicate whether I have faith. I conclude, therefore, that he is righteous, when I see that he does good works. In God’s eyes that distinction is not necessary, for he is not deceived by hypocrisy. But it is necessary among men, so that they may correctly understand where faith is and where it is not.” (Volume 34, Page 161)


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    This product is not currently available to purchase.