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Getting into the Text: New Testament Essays in Honor of David Alan Black


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David Alan Black has been one of the leading voices in New Testament studies over the last forty years. His contributions to Greek grammar, textual criticism, the Synoptic problem, the authorship of Hebrews, and many more have challenged scholars and students to get into the text of the New Testament like never before and to rethink the status quo based on all the evidence. The present volume consists of thirteen studies, written by some of Black’s colleagues, friends, and former students, on a number of New Testament topics in honor of his successful research and teaching career. Not only do they address issues that have garnered his attention over the years, they also extend the scholarly discussion with up-to-date research and fresh evaluations of the evidence, making this book a valuable contribution in itself to the field that Black has devoted himself to since he began his career.

Key Features

  • Includes specific New Testament studies in the Gospels and Epistles
  • Addresses various issues of Greek linguistic studies
  • Provides an overview to the works and influence of David Alan Black


  • So What Have We Learned in the Last Thirty Years of Greek Linguistic Study?
  • Prepositions and Exegesis: What’s in a Word?
  • Reclaiming Γάρ: Correcting the Conjunctive Errors of New Testament Lexicography
  • Majority Text or Not: Which Criteria Should Be Adopted When Assessing Textual Variation in the Greek New Testament?
  • A Short Textual Commentary on the Lucan Travel Narrative (Luke 9:51—19:46)
  • “It’s All About Variants”—Unless “No Longer Written”
  • L’origine de la parole de Jésus sur la réunion du masculin et du féminin
  • The Definition and Translation of ἀλήθεια in the Gospel According to John: The Case of John 1:14, 17
  • The Meaning of πίστις in the Framework of the Diccionario griego-español del Nuevo Testamento
  • The Infancy Narratives and the Synoptic Problem: Reassessing the Evidence and Arguments
  • The Origin of Jesus’ Speeches in the Fourth Gospel
  • Wisdom and the Sojourning Saints or Christ and the Wandering Sinners? The Wilderness Wandering Motif in Hebrews as a Reaction to Wisdom of Solomon
  • Contextualizando y actualizando la traducción al español de la gramática griega de David Alan Black


  • Daniel L. Akin
  • Christian-B. Amphoux
  • Constantine R. Campbell
  • J. K. Elliott
  • Paul A. Himes
  • Thomas W. Hudgins
  • Stephen H. Levinsohn
  • Israel Muñoz Gallarte
  • Jesús Peláez
  • Antonio Piñero
  • Stanley E. Porter
  • Maurice Robinson
  • Michael Rudolph
  • Alexander E. Stewart
  • Tommy Wasserman

Praise for the Print Edition

Getting into the Text, the work of great world specialists, comprises studies on New Testament Greek, the choice of the manuscript variants, the semantic analysis of aletheia and pistis, the synoptic issue in Mathew and Luke with respect to Jesus’ childhood, the connection between the apocryphal Gospel according to Thomas and the canonical text, the origin of Jesus’ speeches in John, Hebrews as a reaction to Wisdom of Solomon, and a comparative study of syntax in Greek and Spanish. The content of the Festschrift is worthy of Professor D.A. Blacks’ scientific merits, and its more than appropriate title does not disappoint the reader’s expectation.

—Luis Gil, Catedratico Emerito de Filologia Griega, Universidad Complutense, Madrid

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About the Editors

Daniel L. Akin is the President, Ed Young, Sr. Chair of Expository Preaching, and Professor of Preaching and Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.

Thomas W. Hudgins is Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Capital Seminary and Graduate School.

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Digital list price: $24.99
Save $9.00 (36%)

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