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Literary Encounters with the Reign of God


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Essays in Honor of Robert Tannehill. Tannehill is one of the most recognized scholars of the Gospels in the American academy. His work on narrative criticism of the Gospels remains unsurpassed in the academy. His book on Luke-Acts remains the single most important book on that unit of biblical writing, and it produced an entire generation of New Testament scholars who have now become well-known for their work in literary studies in the Gospels. This volume amasses a sampling of that generation’s intellectual output. With essays on the future of the Bible in a digital age, postcolonial reflections on Luke-Acts, literary critical studies on the Gospels and more, the contributors apply the latest in philosophical and literary thought to the Bible.

  • "The Historical Shaping of a Heroic Jesus: Theological Implications" by Edgar V. McKnight
  • "The Quest of the 'Rhetorical' Jesus" by Mikeal C. Parsons
  • "Is It with Ethics That the Sermon on the Mount in Concerned" by Charles H. Talbert
  • "Who Will Speak for the Sparrow? Eco-Justice Criticism of the New Testament" by David M. Rhoads
  • "God's Provision for the Well-Being of Living Creatures in Genesis 9" by Simon J. De Vries
  • "What Are We Teaching about Matthew" by Janice Capel Anderson
  • "Evocative Allusions in Matthew: Matthew 5:5 as a Test Case" by Robert L. Brawley
  • "Of Weeds and Wheat: A Literary Critical Study of Matthew 13:36-43" by Carolyn Thomas, SCN
  • "The Meaning of 'Doubt' in Matthew 28:17: A Narrative-Critical Reading" by Fred W. Burnett
  • "Markan Narrative Christology and the Kingdom of God" by Elizabeth Struthers Malbon
  • "Creating the Kingdom: The Performance of Mark as Revelatory Event" by Whitney Shiner
  • "Wielding the Sword: The Sayings of Jesus in Recent Markan Scholarship" by Sharyn Dowd
  • "The Church and the Resurrection: Another Look at the Ending of Mark" by Sharon H. Ringe
  • "The Sensory-Aesthetic Texture of the Compassionate Samaritan Parable in Luke 10" by Vernon K. Robbins
  • "The Forgotten Famine: Personal Responsibility in Luke's Parable of 'The Prodigal Son'" by Mark Allan Powell
  • "'There the ? Will Gather Togethor' (Luke 17:37): Bird Watching as an Exegetical Activity" by Gail R. O'Day
  • "'Ministers of Divine Providence': Diodorus Sinculus and Luke the Evangelist on the Rhetorical Significance of the Audience in Narrative 'Arrangement'" by David P. Moessner
  • "Postcolonial Reflections on Reading Luke-Acts from Cabo San Lucas and Other Places" by Jeffrey L. Staley
  • "The End of the Bible as We Know It: The Metamorphosis of the Biblical Traditions in the Electronic Age" by Robert M. Fowler
This delightful collection of articles honoring Robert Tannehill reflects his interests in Jesus; literary approaches to Matthew, Mark and Luke; and his love for the natural world. Such diverse topics as eco-justice in the New Testament, how Matthew is treated in introductory textbooks, the significance of the famine in the story of the prodigal son, and Luke’s mimicry of and resistance to the imperial ethos are only a sample of the volume’s richness. The essays will be of academic interests to scholars, and several will be useful in introductory biblical courses.

—Joanna Dewey, Episcopal Divinity School

This festschrift honors Robert Tannehill by following many of the paths opened up by his groundbreaking work in New Testament studies. Both individually and collectively, these essays illustrate how the richness and the cutting edge– the sword– of biblical texts are again and again unveiled when these texts are read with the literary sensibility and rigor that Robert Tannehill’s work exemplifies.

—Daniel Patte, Vanderbilt University

  • Title: Literary Encounters with the Reign of God
  • Editors: Sharon Ringe and H. C. P. Kim
  • Series: Christian Approaches to Contemporary Thinking Collection
  • Publisher: T&T Clark
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Pages: 384

Sharon Ringe is Professor New Testament at Wesley Theological Seminary and the author of Wisdom's Friends: Community and Christology in the Fourth Gospel.

H. C. P. Kim is Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible at Methodist Theological School in Ohio and the author of Ambiguity, Tension and Multiplicity in Deuter-Isaiah.


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    Digital list price: $39.99
    Save $10.00 (25%)