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Although largely unknown today outside the circle of Reformation scholars, Peter Martyr Vermigli was a true giant of the 16th-century Reformation, a man who left an indelible influence on the churches of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and England where he spent his pilgrim life, and who through his writings left an even wider legacy. Standing as he does at the intersection of humanism and scholasticism, with a profound concern for Biblical exegesis and the renewal of preaching, but also for linguistic study, educational revival, Christian philosophy, ethics, and political thought, Vermigli sums up the broad and bold mission of the Davenant Institute to renew Christian wisdom through resourcement.

  • Addresses key issues of the Reformation
  • Contains comprehensive biographical details
  • Includes extensive introductions and notes from editors and translators
This transfer has been the culmination of efforts by several parties for the future of the Peter Martyr Library and the Society. It grew out of a mutual concern by both the Davenant Trust and the Peter Martyr Society that an established center devoted to the vital importance the Reformation, its thought and heritage, should be found to help nurture the scholarship of Vermigli and insure his rightful place in the continuing historical and theological pursuits of our own day. Placed now fully in the hands of those who not only care about such pursuits as part of an academic life, but value them as proper and virtuous ends in themselves, this can only harbinger good things for research and publishing in all things Vermigiliana. We are happy indeed.

—Torrance Kirby and Gary Jenkins, the President and Secretary of the Peter Martyr Society

  • Title: The Peter Martyr Library (9 vols.)
  • Author: Peter Martyr Vermigli
  • Editor: John Patrick Donnelly
  • Series: The Peter Martyr Library
  • Publisher: The Davenant Institute
  • Volumes: 9
  • Pages: 2,536
  • Christian Group: Reformed
  • Format: Digital
  • Resource ID: {6C0DC05B-5C6C-4F5B-85BE-B6431EC3EF49}
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Early Writings: Creed, Scripture, Church

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These works, “The Apostles’ Creed,” “Theses for Debate,” and “Schism and the True Church,” display the heart of Martyr’s theology, both pastoral and moral.

Dialogue on the Two Natures in Christ

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In this last work of Vermigli’s distinguished career as a theologian, he uses a dialogue to discuss the disagreement among Christians about the Eucharist and Christ’s presence in the Lord’s Supper.

Sacred Prayers Drawn from the Psalms of David

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This volume contains 297 prayers based on 149 Psalms written by Vermigli during the political and religious turmoil of the Reformation era.

Philosophical Works: On the Relation of Philosophy to Theology

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This volume is devoted to Vermigli’s philosophical writings, consisting of topics from commentaries with sections on “reason and revelation,” “body and soul,” “knowledge of God,” “providence, miracles, and responsibility,” and “freewill and predestination.”

Life, Letters, and Sermons

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This volume illustrates the busy and conflicted career of Vermigli, who left his beloved Italy in 1542, one step ahead of the Inquisition, to spend twenty years in three centers of Reform: Strasbourg, Oxford, and Zurich. This collection serves not only to display the more personal side of Vermigli, but also fills in details that polemical writings alone cannot provide. Here we see both ecclesiastical and pastoral concerns of Vermigli, and we can study the way he approached each in the spirit of humility and earnestness. This volume is a worthy partner and guide to the works presented in other volumes in this series.

Commentary on the Lamentations of the Prophet Jeremiah

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Peter Martyr Vermigli’s earliest biblical commentary to survive is his lectures on the Book of Lamentations. As a refugee from Catholic Italy, Martyr sympathizes with the Hebrew poet, who looks over the devastation of Jerusalem. The Introduction gives a précis of Christian Hebraism and pays particular attention to the Bomberg Bible. The notes highlight Martyr’s allusions to the Jewish commentators of that Bible.

The Oxford Treatise and Disputation on the Eucharist, 1549

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Among the most polemical of Martyr’s works, the texts presented here are part of the turbulent period in England during the times of Edward VI and Archbishop Cranmer. Along with his account of the Disputation, Martyr published a Treatise that provides systematic treatment of the arguments, biblical and patristic in source, with transubstantiation the target. There is a wealth of information about the state of the realm, the choice of patristic authorities, the nature of Martyr’s objections to the traditional doctrine, and his proposed alternative.

Predestination and Justification: Two Theological Loci

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Predestination and justification are two of the most distinctive and familiar doctrines associated with the Protestant Reformation. Martyr, an influential Protestant theologian and biblical exegete of the sixteenth century, engages advocates and detractors alike in his most extensive discussions of these controversial theological topics, drawn from his monumental commentary on the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans. The great value of these two treatises is that they provide a vital if unheralded Protestant perspective on what were two of the most controverted doctrines of the Reformation era—not only between Roman Catholics and Protestants, but also among the Reformed, Lutheran, and Anabaptists as well.

Commentary on Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

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Peter Martyr Vermigli (1499–1562) was a scriptural exegete, but also an Aristotelian philosopher. His voluminous commentaries on Old and New Testament books are complemented by this volume, the only one of its kind in his corpus. As such it provides a window into the complex world of early modern European philosophical translation and commentary, as well as the theology and ethics of the Reformed camp.

Theological commentaries on Aristotle are an important part of the history of the philosophy-theology connection. Thomas Aquinas is an outstanding example, and Peter Martyr Vermigli follows in his steps. It reflects Martyr’s years at Padua studying the “practical Aristotle.” This lecture series, given at Strasbourg 1553–56, provides a running commentary, showing the positive take on The Philosopher, along with the decisive criterion of Scripture. It is a major contribution to the debate on “Reformed Scholasticism,” which casts Beza, Martyr, and Zanchi as protagonists. It supports the thesis of Richard Muller and others that scholasticism is a method rather than a position, a pedagogical mode of organizing doctrine in behalf of clarity and interior logic.

Peter Martyr Vermigli (1499–1562) is considered to be one of the most important Italian reformers of the early modern period. Martyr is the subject of renewed interest for historical and theological scholars.


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Collection value: $243.91
Save $13.92 (5%)
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