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Was the Devil One Time an Angel in Heaven?
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Was the Devil One Time an Angel in Heaven?


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the Preface: It has been from the beginning, the plan and work of the Devil, the enemy of God, and man, to distort, confuse, deceive, and lead man away from the divine plan of present and eternal salvation. His work has been very effective, and powerful in many areas by using the Divine inspired Word of God, and in a sly, deceptive, and cunning manner has in such flagrant ways misinterpreted, and misapplied the meaning and message of God’s Holy Word, the Bible.

This book deals with one of these destructive areas. The theory of the Devil being a fallen angelic being never entered into the teaching, nor troubled the people of God in the Old Testament, nor the New Testament first century Church.—Lawrence J. Chesnut


  • Angelic Beings—Creation, Nature, Character, Purpose
  • Isaiah Fourteenth Chapter Explained
  • King Ethbaal Ezekiel Chapter Twenty Eight
  • Satan Falling as Lightening from Heaven
  • Introduction to the Angels That Sinned
  • The Angels That Sinned
  • The Theocracy—God's Original Plan
  • God's Original Plan Continued—And the Profanation

Product Details

  • Title: Was the Devil One Time an Angel in Heaven?
  • Author: Lawrence J. Chesnut
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet
  • Publication Date: 1980

About Lawrence J. Chesnut

Lawrence J. Chesnut also authored Can a Christian Fall from Grace?, True Bible Tongues, and Divine Physical Healing for You.

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