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Puzzling Passages in Paul: Forty Conundrums Calmly Considered

, 2018
ISBN: 9781532650543
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Few Christian writings have had the world-changing impact of St Paul’s epistles to the churches, and yet from the very beginning these works proved themselves to be tricky texts. The Second Letter of Peter, commenting about them, says: “There are some things in them that are hard to understand” (2 Pet 3:16). Indeed! To this day many issues of their interpretation remain highly contested. In this book, Anthony Thiselton grasps the nettle and examines forty puzzling passages from Paul’s epistles. He considers the various scholarly proposals about their meaning and offers his own reflections in the hope of dispersing fog and shedding light, and of expounding a coherent and self-consistent Paul.

Key Features

  • Pays careful attention to the context and argument of Scripture to answer common questions
  • Provides insights from top New Testament scholars
  • Presents Paul as an acute and ever relevant thinker


  • Paul and the Law
  • Paul and Jesus
  • Paul and Salvation
  • Paul, Women, and Men
  • Paul and Moral Concerns
  • Paul and Christian Worship
  • Paul’s Power in Weakness
  • Puzzling Passages in Paul

Praise for the Print Edition

This is an exhilarating and infuriating book by Tony Thiselton. It is exhilarating because he does not shy away from many of the most troubling passages in the Apostle Paul’s letters, but infuriating because Thiselton cannot easily or predictably be put in a box regarding his conclusions. In his inimitable style, Thiselton takes each passage and explains the issues, weighs the options, and makes his proposals for others to judge for themselves. Many readers are bound to find this a very helpful book written by one of our senior Pauline scholars.

Stanley E. Porter, President, McMaster Divinity College

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Anthony C. Thiselton is professor of Christian Theology at the University of Nottingham. He holds three doctorates (Ph.D, D.D., D.D) and has published important works on 1 Corinthians, hermeneutics, and has done research on modern theology, philosophy of religion, and the application of philosophy of language to biblical studies.

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