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Products>New Testament Foundations: An Introduction for Students

New Testament Foundations: An Introduction for Students

, 2018
ISBN: 9781620320884
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Drawing upon over fifty years of scholarly experience of one of the most industrious contemporary scholars, this work, which was first published in 1975, has been revised, updated, and expanded to offer a fresh, in-depth introduction to the New Testament for today’s students. Students will be immersed into the world of the first century, learning about both Greco-Roman and Jewish backgrounds. While discussing the fundamental questions surrounding the content of each book including its authorship, audience, and message, this work also engages with the wider historical-critical discussion, helping students navigate the wider world of modern New Testament scholarship.

  • Provides a revised, updated, and expanded introduction to the New Testament
  • Analyzes a variety of perspectives and approaches to New Testament exegesis
  • Includes images, maps, and charts

Part One: Introduction and Backgrounds

  • Introduction: Scripture as God’s Action in History
  • The Text of the New Testament: Textual Criticism
  • The Historical and Political Background of Second Temple Judaism
  • Second Temple Judaism’s Beliefs and Practices
  • Second Temple Jewish Literature
  • The Social-Political Framework of the Roman Empire
  • The Greco-Roman Religious and Philosophical Framework

Part Two: The Gospels and Acts

  • What to Look For in the Gospels
  • The Synoptic Problem
  • Early Traditions About Jesus
  • The Gospels and the Historical Jesus
  • Mark’s Suffering Son of Man
  • Matthew’s Gospel for the Church
  • Luke: God Keeps Promises
  • John: The Son of God’s Abiding Love
  • Acts of the Apostles: The Growth of the Church

Part Three: Pauline Epistles

  • What to Look For in the Epistles
  • Letter Writing and Paul
  • The Life and Theology of Paul
  • 1–2 Thessalonians: Persecution and Parousia
  • Galatians: Paul’s Struggle for the Gentile Church
  • Philippians: Paul and His Friends
  • Colossians and Crisis
  • Christianity and Slavery in Philemon
  • Reconciliation and the Apostle of Weakness in 1–2 Corinthians
  • Romans: Paul’s Missionary Manifesto
  • Christ and the Church in the Ephesian Epistle
  • The Pastorals and the Close of Paul’s Life

Part Four: Other New Testament Writings

  • The Pilgrim People of God in the Epistle to the Hebrews
  • Christianity According to 1 Peter
  • The Epistle of James and Jewish Christianity
  • Jude’s Contending for the Faith
  • Early Catholicism and 2 Peter
  • Johannine Epistles: The Struggle for the Heart of a Community
  • Revelation: The Kingdom of God versus the Empire

Ralph P. Martin (1925–2013) was Professor of New Testament at Azusa Pacific University and Fuller Seminary. He is the author of numerous works including the Word Biblical Commentaries on 2 Corinthians, Philippians, and James. He was the editor of the Dictionary of Paul and His Letters (2003) as well as Dictionary of the Later New Testament and Its Developments (1997).

Carl N. Toney is Professor of New Testament at Hope International University. He is the author of Paul’s Inclusive Ethic (2008) and co-wrote 2 Corinthians (2009), of the Cornerstone Commentary series, with Ralph P. Martin.


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    Digital list price: $70.00
    Save $20.01 (28%)