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The Hope of His Coming
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The Hope of His Coming


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the Introduction: These things are set down to illustrate the fact that although premillennialism has been in the world for ages of time, yet its present popularity is an innovation in Protestantism at large and in the holiness movement in particular.

If at times the style of this work is somewhat technical this cannot be a fault with students of this kind of literature, as they constantly meet with these arguments and assertions in premillennial literature; and they will, I trust, be tolerant while these points are discussed from a different angle. For example, premillennialist works abound with such Greek words as parousia, eons, etc., and I have tried to follow these far enough into the Greek Testament to give a true idea of their significance without entirely losing the English reader.—CHAS. E. BROWN


  • What Is the Millennium
  • Origin of the Millennium Tradition
  • The question of Interpretation
  • "Spiritual" Interpretation in the New Testament
  • Some Messianic Prophecies as Interpreted by the New Testament Writers
  • Significance of the Different Interpretations of the Prophecies Given by Premillennialists and the Writers of the New Testament
  • A New Rabbinism
  • What Is Israel
  • The Religion and Worship of Israel
  • The Judaization of the World
  • The Nation of Israel and the Kingdom of God
  • The True Circumcision and the Priesthood of Believers
  • The Restoration of Israel
  • The Israel Passage in Romans
  • The Fulness of the Gentiles
  • Zionism and the True Restoration
  • The Kingdom
  • Dispensational Truth
  • The Antichrist
  • The Parousia and What Follows
  • The Great Tribulation; Armageddon; Are There Three Resurrections?
  • Are There Four Judgement Days!
  • Satan Bound a Thousand Years

Product Details

  • Title: The Hope of His Coming
  • Author: Charles E. Brown
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet
  • Publication Date: 1927
  • Pages: 272

About Charles E. Brown

Charles E. Brown is also the author of Can We Talk with the Dead?, Christian Science Unmasked, and Reds and Religion.

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