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Face2Face with Sennacherib: Encountering Assyria's Great and Terrifying Ruler
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Face2Face with Sennacherib: Encountering Assyria's Great and Terrifying Ruler

by ,

Day One 2007

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Sennacherib was once a name that sent chills down spines, yet today, relatively few have heard of him, and even fewer know much about him. Lord Byron immortalized one part of his life in a poem, but there was much more to this man than king and fearsome warrior. Coming face to face with him in this book not only reveals a complex and multi-talented man, but also the formidable enemy that the land of Judah, its king Hezekiah and prophet Isaiah were confronted with at a time of national crisis.

Today, many Christians across the world find themselves faced with situations that appear to be beyond their control. How should they react in such circumstances, and what help can they expect to receive? This book, while dealing with real history, also focuses on life in the twenty-first century and gives pointers towards being faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ.

Key Features

  • Study guide included
  • Discussion questions at the end of each chapter
  • Bibliography and suggestions for further reading

Praise for the Print Edition

Clive Anderson brings ancient history to life. Out of the stony slabs of antiquity, Sennacherib emerges, flesh and blood… This book is a must for preachers and teachers and an invaluable aid to Bible study. It is easily accessible scholarship—providing accurate background knowledge, sound biblical exposition and searching application.

—Rev. Dr. Jim Winter, Pastor, Horsell Evangelical Church, and author of several books

Product Details

  • Title: Face2Face with Sennacherib: Encountering Assyria's Great and Terrifying Ruler
  • Author: Clive Anderson
  • Publisher: Day One
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 96

About Clive Anderson

Clive Anderson is the pastor of the Butts Church in Alton, Hampshire, and a member of The British Museum Society, The British School of Archaeology in Iraq, and The Egyptian Exploration Society, and leads tours to the Middle East and Egypt and around the British Museum. He is the author of Opening up Nahum, Opening up 2 Peter, Travel with Spurgeon, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot, and has co-authored with Brian Edwards Through the British Museum with the Bible. Clive has spoken in the USA, Europe, and in the Far East, and is also a frequent broadcaster on local radio. He and his wife, Amanda, have one son.