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Basic Biblical Topic Study Workflow

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The Biblical Topic Workflow guides you through a topical study based on Scripture. Topic study can include detailed analysis of individual words, but not all topics are expressed by single words in the Bible. More often, topic study branches out into other resources like Bible dictionaries and topical resources that identify key passages.

When looking at biblical topics, it’s crucial to consider the context of the passages you’re studying. This includes considering the placement of the passage in the larger book and, especially, what the original author might have intended by what was written. It is important to avoid the error of reading our contemporary culture and understanding back into the biblical texts. That happens when we assume that topics and concepts meant the same thing to the biblical writers that they mean to us today. With a topical study, it’s also important to look for the teaching of Scripture as a whole on the topic, rather than relying on a single passage, thereby using Scripture to interpret Scripture. As you work your way through the steps, record your observations and thoughts about your topic. You can even share your thoughts and insights with others when you are finished.

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  • Title: Basic Biblical Topic Study Workflow
  • Publisher: Faithlife
  • Publication Date: 2018


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