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Walking the Ancient Paths: A Commentary on Jeremiah

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Walking the Ancient Paths

“Ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it.” (Jeremiah 6:16)

In Walking the Ancient Paths, distinguished Old Testament scholar Walter C. Kaiser Jr. draws on a lifetime of study to illuminate the book of Jeremiah for a contemporary audience. Following an introduction that surveys the historical and literary background of Jeremiah, along with its theological emphases, Kaiser examines each verse of the text, explaining its meaning and significance.

Each section is followed by devotional and application insights that guide the reader in applying the text to their everyday lives. Bibliographies in each section provide resources for further study, and most textual and linguistic matters are discussed in footnotes. Pastors, scholars, and serious students of the Bible will find this volume indispensable for understanding Jeremiah’s message and how to apply it today.

Praise for Walking the Ancient Paths

This commentary on the profoundly theological but relevant prophetic book of Jeremiah is vintage Kaiser. Few scholars are as gifted as the author of this fine volume in getting to the heart of the message of biblical texts and communicating its enduring theology with such clarity and verve. For those who seek a commentary to help them understand the “weeping prophet” and his message, this is the place to start.

–Daniel I. Block, Gunther H. Knoedler Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Wheaton College

This long-awaited commentary by one of our leading evangelical Old Testament scholars delivers the expected thorough exegetical and theological analysis, but much more. There are also the added practical insights gained from a lifetime of study of this most important prophetic book coupled with decades of classroom experience. For scholars, pastors and students looking to “walk the ancient paths” (Jer 6:16), there is no more informed and balanced guide than Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

–Randall Price, Distinguished Research Professor of Biblical & Judaic Studies, Rawlings School of Divinity, Liberty University

Walter Kaiser is the ideal interpreter to bring exegetical and theological clarity to the book of Jeremiah, in all its complexity. Dr. Kaiser has spent a lifetime studying the Old Testament with a rare passion for helping scholars, pastors, and lay people know and apply its teaching. His comprehensive commentary on the Bible’s longest book will help contemporary Christians understand its ancient message of hope in desperate times and see its relevance for our own increasingly post-Christian context

–Philip Ryken, President, Wheaton College

Thankfully for all of us, whether scholar, student, or pastor-teacher, Walt Kaiser is still in the business of sharing his insightful and inspiring perspectives on Scripture. This commentary on Jeremiah opens our ears to the voice of God in the dark and drifting world of Israel’s history, which is a history not unlike the world we live in today. All of us who have been blessed and deeply challenged by Walt’s writing in the past will be grateful for this addition to our libraries and thankful for its mind-expanding and heart-instructing impact on our lives.

–Joe Stowell, President, Cornerstone University

Walking the Ancient Paths expands Kaiser’s clear view of the Hebrew Bible’s messianic theme by a penetrating analysis of the book of Jeremiah. The authors present a readable yet technically sound commentary. Anchored in Kaiser’s own annotated translation of the Hebrew text, the commentary resolves interpretive issues and offers theological insight. Preachers and teachers of Jeremiah’s prophecies will find here a dependable guide to lead them through the ancient text proclaiming a message applicable to our own paths.

–William D. Barrick, Emeritus Professor of Old Testament, The Master’s Seminary

Jeremiah lived at a crucial time in Israel’s history and is certainly one of the most significant of her prophets. Having a sure guide through his work is a gift. That is what this commentary is, taking us through ancient paths with a skilled student of the word. Kaiser’s work is solid and revealing, opening up the key teachings of this important book of the Scripture.

–Darrell L. Bock, Executive Director for Cultural Engagement, Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement

Product Details

  • Title: Walking the Ancient Paths: A Commentary on Jeremiah
  • Author: Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. with Tiberius Rata
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • Pages: 872
  • Format: Logos Digital, Hardcover
  • Trim Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781683592679

About the Authors

Walter C. Kaiser Jr. is the Colman M. Mockler Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Old Testament and former President of Gordon--Conwell Theological Seminary (South Hamilton, Massachusetts). Previously he served as professor of Old Testament and vice president for education at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, Illinois). He is a popular evangelical scholar who has written numerous books on the Old Testament and regularly teaches at conferences and churches around the world.

Tiberius Rata is associate dean of the School of Ministry Studies and professor of Old Testament studies at Grace Seminary (Winona Lake, Indiana). He holds a PhD in Old Testament from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, Illinois).

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Print list price: $49.99
Save $15.00 (30%)