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Africa Study Bible Notes

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The Africa Study Bible brings together 350 contributors from over 50 countries, providing a unique African perspective. It’s an all-in-one course in biblical content, theology, history, and culture, with special attention to the African context. Each feature was planned by African leaders to help readers grow strong in Jesus Christ by providing understanding and instruction on how to live a good and righteous life.

This resource does not include the Bible text. The Africa Study Bible is designed to be used with the New Living Translation available here.

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Key Features

  • Includes over 2400 notes to explain the Bible, inspire readers to apply truth to everyday life, teach Christian values and doctrine, and more
  • Provides “Touchpoints” and “Proverbs and Stories” which give an African perspective on the Bible and also show parallels with African wisdom
  • Contians a narrative timeline highlighting God’s work in Africa

Top Highlights

“If you do what your father has not done, you will see what your father has not seen.” (Page 1909)

“Other religions have very different goals: a paradise full of physical pleasure, reincarnation to a higher being, or the ultimate state of enlightenment. Christianity is different. We desire a restored relationship to God. Ultimately, heaven is not about a mansion Christ is building for you. It is not about rewards for good works, streets paved with gold, or gates made of pearls. Perhaps streets of gold are God’s way of saying, ‘Heaven is so great, gold is like heaven’s concrete!’ But why is eternal life that great? Because we are in perfect fellowship with God.” (Page 1929)

“How do we lead peaceful lives in a dangerous world? An African proverb translates to say, ‘The eagle only dares to take the hen’s chick; the lion cub has no worries.’ A young lion does not have to be afraid of the eagle because the eagle is afraid of the lion’s father.” (Page 1906)

“He is the person through whom all who believe will be saved from eternal damnation.” (Page 1635)

Praise for the Print Edition

The Africa Study Bible is a pacesetter in using the African experience for understanding the Bible. I recommend it highly to those who have sought to understand life and the world from an African perspective.

—Dr. Mvume Dandala, former presiding bishop of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and former head of the All Africa Conference of Churches

The Africa Study Bible is a clear indication that the African Church has come of age. In this publication,different African Christian Leaders interact with scripture using African lenses yet remain faithful to the evangelical doctrine. I commend it to all readers, African or otherwise.

—Rev. Canon Peter Karanja, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Kenya

The emergence of the Africa Study Bible is, no doubt, divinely providential as the church in Africa is clearly fast becoming the global missionary hub of the twenty-first century and the center of world Christianity. Oasis International is being used by God to bring us this gift that is an amazing tool to grow the church in Africa in understanding doctrine, values, and the Bible. It is contextual, culturally relevant, and truly indigenous as God’s Word through African eyes. The ASB is highly recommended for every professing Christian in Africa

—Dr. Dachollom C. Datiri, President, Church of Christ in Nations

Product Details

  • Title: Africa Study Bible Notes
  • Editor: Dr. John Jusu
  • Publisher: Oasis International
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Resource Type: Study Bible
  • Topic: Church in Africa

Sample Pages from the Print Edition


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  1. Larry Craig

    Larry Craig


    All your sample pages tell us about the book but they don't show us the book. We need to see the notes.to decide if they add to our learning. Thank you


Digital list price: $29.99
Save $6.00 (20%)