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God's Word in Our Hands: The Bible Preserved for Us
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God's Word in Our Hands: The Bible Preserved for Us

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Ambassador 2003

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In this follow-up book to the landmark From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man, the Text and Translation Committee discusses the historical preservation of the Word of God. The solid facts of the process by which the Bible has come to its present form are explained in detail. The book includes textual criticism of the existing manuscripts and autographs, including the Textus Receptus, the Majority, Eclectic, and Minority texts, and the Masoretic Text. It also provides needed answers to the arguments of those who adhere to extreme or exclusive positions. This book is excellent for pastors, teachers, and laypersons alike.


  • Drew Conley
  • Paul Downey
  • Michael Harding
  • John K. Hutcheson, Sr.
  • Mark Minnick
  • Randolph Shaylor
  • James B. Williams
  • Hantz Bernard
  • Daniel K. Davey
  • Keith E. Gephart
  • John C. Mincy
  • John E. Ashbrook
  • William H. Smallman

Praise for the Print Edition

Like a clean-edged sword, God's Word in Our Hands cuts through the current confused and schismatic clatter on the subject of biblical preservation. These conservative and God-fearing authors do the Church great service by presenting us with soul-thrilling evidence of the reliability and durability of the eternal Word.

—Dr. Bob Jones III, President, Bob Jones University

Product Details

  • Title: God's Word in Our Hands: The Bible Preserved for Us
  • General Editor: James B. Williams
  • Contributing Editor: Randolph Shaylor
  • Publisher: Ambassador Productions LTD.
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 430