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Symposium on Revelation: Exegetical and General Studies, Book 2


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Paying special attention to the end times as described in Revelation, this volume addresses questions such as the remnant, the mark of the beast, the seven last plagues, the millennium, and Armageddon.

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“‘Babylon’ today embraces far more than apostate Christian churches. It includes them, but has a world dimension commensurate with the world thrust of the first angel.” (Page 36)

“The sea beast (Rev 13:1–10), the little horn with the eyes and mouth of a man that emerges from the head of Daniel’s fourth beast (Dan 7:8, 25), and the ‘man of sin’ or ‘lawlessness’ in Paul’s prophecy (2 Thess 2:1–8) have been identified by Christians from the earliest times as the same power: the ‘antichrist.’ Pre-Reformation writers regarded the antichrist as a single individual (a concept that has become popular again today among many conservative Christians). But the Protestant Reformation brought the insight that these passages portray not an individual, but an ecclesiastical system, long present in the church, namely, the papacy.” (Page 41)

“We conclude that the sea beast of Revelation 13 and the little horn of Daniel 7 are symbols of Roman Catholicism as a system—(a) a set of ideals, beliefs, and philosophies (b) manifested in certain practices and institutions, notably the Roman Catholic Church, and (c) summed up in the line of popes (the papacy).” (Page 123)

“The biblical fact already established—that the Bible never uses animal heads or mountains as symbols of individual rulers—clearly rules out as unsound any attempt to identify the seven heads of Revelation with individual popes, living or dead.” (Page 178)

“The Babylon of Revelation 17 is not a political but a religious entity. The NT Babylon will play a major role in the final events that lead up to the seven last plagues and Armageddon.” (Page 151)


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  1. Trinidad Escalante
    Excellent material for the church in general and for leaders in particular


Digital list price: $12.95
Save $2.96 (22%)