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Symposium on Daniel: Introductory and Exegetical Studies

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Symposium on Daniel is a major work on the reliability and interpretation of the book of Daniel and its prophecies. It features major essays on Daniel 8 and its significance to the sanctuary doctrine.

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“In order to get the king’s attention, God spoke to him through a dream. It was in Nebuchadnezzar’s second year (603 B.C.) when the dream was given.” (Pages 346–347)

“No comments connecting Antiochus Epiphanes with the prophecies of Daniel have been located among the writings of the fathers of the early church prior to the time of Hippolytus of Rome in the third century A.D.” (Page 274)

“Theologically the prophecy relates to Jesus of Nazareth in several ways. One of these lies in connection with certain of its year dates. It can be determined now from primary sources that 457 B.C., A.D. 27, and A.D. 34 were Sabbatical years (see Lev 25:1–7). The Sabbatical year (the last year in a span of seven) not only permitted the land to have ‘rest’ by lying fallow, but it also provided release from slavery for the Hebrew slave (Exod 21:2). Consequently A.D. 27 takes on increased significance as it marked the appearance of the Messiah, the Great Liberator, who came to proclaim liberty to sin-enslaved humanity.” (Page 220)

“According to the Maccabean thesis, the book of Daniel was composed (at least in part) and/or edited by an unknown second century B.C. author(s) who posed as a sixth century statesman-prophet by the name of Daniel. This writer/editor pretended to offer genuinely inspired predictions which in reality were no more than historical narratives under the guise of prophetic predictions.” (Page 6)

“Given a rigid second century B.C. origin thesis, the question should not be why there are three Greek words in the book, but why there are only three Greek words in a book allegedly written so late in the history of the Jews.” (Page 13)


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    Digital list price: $13.95
    Save $2.96 (21%)