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Products>History of Biblical Interpretation, Volume 2: From Late Antiquity to the End of the Middle Ages

History of Biblical Interpretation, Volume 2: From Late Antiquity to the End of the Middle Ages

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Volume two of History of Biblical Interpretation begins in Asia Minor in the late-fourth century with Bishop Theodore of Mopsuestia, the founder of a school of interpretation that accentuated the literal meaning of the Bible and thereby stood out from the tradition of antiquity. It ends with another outsider, a thousand years later in England, who stood at the end of an era: John Wyclif. This volume presents the history of biblical interpretation between these two interpreters—from late antiquity until the end of the Middle Ages.

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“Augustine mentions, among other things, his fear that, if Jerome’s translation gained widespread acceptance, it would cause a rift between the Western and Eastern church, because Greek-speaking Christians would hold to the Septuagint.” (Page 38)

“While on the way back, his encounter with a Greek monk who reminded him of the parable of the unfaithful servant (Matt 25:30) brought the decisive turn: he converted to monasticism, entering the nearby Curazzo monastery that had adopted the Cistercian rule. He soon advanced to become the prior there and, following the abbot’s retirement, he was elected his successor.” (Page 171)

“From then on he was to advocate again and again hebraica veritas, the ‘Hebraic truth,’ by which he had in view—something to be noted!—nothing other than the original Hebrew text.” (Page 38)

“Bede is doubtless to be viewed within the tradition of the Alexandrian school of biblical interpretation” (Page 112)

“Rupert offers a complete depiction of salvation history from the creation to the end of the world by means of an exegesis working its way through the whole Bible step by step from the First Book of Moses to the Apocalypse of John.” (Page 155)

Henning Graf Reventlow is professor emeritus of Old Testament exegesis and theology, faculty of Protestant theology, University of the Ruhr, Bochum, Germany.


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    Digital list price: $28.95
    Save $5.96 (20%)