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More commonly known as "Lewis and Short", Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary is an expansive and detailed dictionary consisting of Latin words from the Classical period up through the late medieval period. Based on the work of Freund's German edition, Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary is a comprehensive work, containing over 2,000 pages of detailed lexical data. Further, Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary contain numerous contextual examples, allowing the reader to see how each entry is used in ancient Latin literature. Unlike the Oxford Latin Dictionary, which only covers Latin words up until the second century AD, Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary covers a much broader range of words, making it a necessary tool for students of Ecclesiastical and later Medieval Latin.

With the digital edition of Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary, you can quickly and easily find Latin definitions from any tagged Latin text, making Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary the perfect companion to the Latin works in the Classical Studies Research Library (186 vols. plus Perseus Classics Collection).

  • More comprehensive than the Oxford Latin Dictionary
  • Over 2,000 pages of lexical data
  • A wealth of contextual examples
  • Title: Lewis and Short’s Latin Dictionary
  • Authors: Charlton T. Lewis, Charles Short
  • Publishers: Harper & Brothers, Clarendon Press
  • Print Publication Date: 1891
  • Logos Release Date: 2014
  • Pages: 2019
  • Era: era:modern
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Latin language › Dictionaries--English; Bible. N.T. Latin › Glossaries, vocabularies, etc
  • Resource Type: Lexicon
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2020-09-29T23:22:07Z

Charlton T. Lewis was educated at Yale College. He taught languages, mathematics, and Greek at a number of different universities. He was appointed Deputy Commissioner of Internal Revenue in 1863. He is the author of An Elementary Latin Dictionary: With Brief Helps for Latin Readers.

Charles Short was educated at Harvard. He was Professor of Latin in Columbia College, New York.


19 ratings

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  1. Dawid Patryk Jork
    Why Christian organization will charge too much for electronic data? I understand that preparation to the project takes time but you actually do not produce it from the scrap. And as mentioned before me, some of the work is accessible all over the internet.

  2. Michael T. Fox
  3. M. David Johnson
  4. Rev. Benedict Churchill, Ph.D.
  5. Joshua Rupley

    Joshua Rupley


    The hyperlinks need a lot of work. From what I have seen so far, about half of the links lead to the wrong resources.

  6. AeliusCicero



  7. Joshua Thompson
  8. Eric Fary

    Eric Fary


    Great deal. $24 is dirt cheap!!

  9. Greg F

    Greg F


  10. Mark A. Ellis

    Mark A. Ellis


    This is an incredibly low price for such a fine tool.

  11. Thomas R Hanson
    For the Latin student at Shakespeare's level of "small Latin and less Greek" you should be forewarned that the historical examples of Latin usage across the centuries are not translated for you . You get a sentence with the Latin word in the Latin context. For those uncomfortable with dealing with that fact, this is not the lexicon for you. As far as price goes--given the limited nature of the readership, there is also the probability that LOGOS does not own the typography rights. Oxford university press still does and the typeface, clear on the page to the eye will give fits to standard e-book programs with a large variety of faces and significant size differences in the same line. What is being contemplated is an editing and proofreading nightmare: a positively quixotic ideal for the use of which Oxford charges a goodly monthly fee to anyone who wants to use the Legendary OED on line. Added to that the need for Logos compatibility with other resources as well as having to deal with the varying screen sizes of users and differing line-wraps and other problems? I am not a shill for LOGOS and they do not pay me anything. I know something about the process as a Project Gutenberg volunteer proofreader and I stand in awe of the task they undertake. Cheap at the prospective price.

  12. Rob



  13. Raymond Sevilla
  14. Victor Chisnell
    The research and scholarship that went into Lewis & Short is phenomenal. The work done to publish this electronic version must have been a great undertaking by Logos. Thank you Logos for this fine work and for the $24 pre-pub price. It will be well used!

  15. Albert Cooper

    Albert Cooper


  16. Daniel Liu

    Daniel Liu


  17. Fr. Jered A. Grossman
    Awesome resource at an awesome price.

  18. Bill Shewmaker
  19. Dr David King

    Dr David King


  20. Todd Phillips

    Todd Phillips


  21. Alan Macgregor
    This is the most accessible and comprehensive of Latin dictionaries and at a price which should be an inducement to anyone who wants the best value for the least outlay. To those who have bid $20, raising it to $24 would get this into production and still represent stellar value for money. I've been bid on this since December 2011, please get it into production!

  22. NB.Mick



    This is THE Latin Dictionary - and while we're all rating something we didn't use in Logos, I compared the sample pages to the current edition as sold on Amazon for three-digit prices (paper!) and found no differences. I'm in at the maximum bidding price - let's get this into production!

  23. Benjamin Handelman
    This is a massive resource (those 2019 pages are really tiny print on gigantic pages). It is also easily the best Latin English dictionary every made, more complete for ecclesiastical study than the comparable Oxford Latin Dictionary. I can imagine it takes quite a bit of effort to tag something so large. As a student of Latin, even at $100 I feel this would be worth it.

  24. Butters



    This is a stellar dictionary - and at anything under $50 it's an extremely low price, considering all the ways that you can leverage this dictionary in Logos. A hardcopy, it should be remembered, goes for at least twice that price. And no hardcopy can even begin to compete with what we can do with a Logos dictionary.

  25. Kevin Simmons

    Kevin Simmons


    I agree with Susan. Why are you going to charge so much for something when most of the work has already been done and is available in many free forms all over the internet (cf. Glossa)? Maybe charge a nominal cost for providing access to it, but even $24 dollars is quite a bit.


Digital list price: $32.99
Save $8.00 (24%)