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Products>Classic Commentaries and Studies on the Acts of the Apostles (31 vols.)

Classic Commentaries and Studies on the Acts of the Apostles (31 vols.)

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The Classic Commentaries and Studies on Acts collection (31 vols.) includes some of the most significant classic studies on the book of Acts from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With authors such as Joseph Addison Alexander, Frederick Denison Maurice, William Owen Carver, and C. J. Vaughan, Classic Commentaries and Studies on Acts offers over 9,000 pages of exegetical analysis, rhetorical context, contextual comparison, and interpretation. The thirty volumes contained in Classic Commentaries and Studies on Acts have had an enduring impact on New Testament exegesis, and this exceptional collection provides easy accessibility to this wealth of significant scholarship.

This collection is essential for students, scholars, pastors, historians, teachers of the Bible, or anyone studying the book of Acts. With Logos Bible Software, this collection is completely searchable, with passages of Scripture appearing on mouse-over, as well as being linked to the Greek and Latin texts and English translations in your library. This makes these texts more powerful and easier to access than ever before for scholarly work or personal Bible study. With the advanced search features of Logos Bible Software, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference—finding, for example, every mention of “Paul," or "Spirit."

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  • Over 9,000 pages dedicated to the book of Acts
  • Noted authors from a wide variety of backgrounds
  • Completely searchable, linked to your preferred Bible translation and the other books in your library
  • Title: Classic Commentaries and Studies on the Acts of the Apostles
  • Volumes: 31
  • Pages: 9,665
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Collection value: $292.19
Save $230.20 (78%)