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Biblical Theology of the New Testament

, 2018
ISBN: 9780802840806
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Since its original publication in German, Peter Stuhlmacher’s two-volume Biblische Theologie des Neuen Testaments has influenced an entire generation of biblical scholars and theologians. Now Daniel Bailey’s expert translation makes this important work of New Testament theology available in English for the first time.

Following an extended discussion of the task of writing a New Testament theology, Stuhlmacher explores the development of the Christian message across the pages of the Gospels, the writings of Paul, and the other canonical books of the New Testament. The second part of the book examines the biblical canon and its historical significance. A concluding essay by Bailey applies Stuhlmacher’s approach to specific texts in Romans and 4 Maccabees.

Key Features

  • Emphasizes New Testament theology in the context of the gospel proclamation
  • Provides a fresh and accessible translation by Daniel P. Bailey
  • Includes an extensive discussion of the challenges of canon formation


  • Book One: The Origin and Character of the New Testament Proclamation
    • The Proclamation of Jesus
    • The Proclamation of the Early Church
    • The Proclamation of Paul
    • The Proclamation in the Period after Paul
    • The Proclamation of the Synoptic Gospels
    • The Proclamation of John and His School
  • Book Two: The Problem of the Canon and the Center of Scripture
    • The Formation of the Two-Part Christian Canon
    • The Center of Scripture
    • The Canon and Its Interpretation
    • Recent Work and Future Prospects

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Peter Stuhlmacher was born in 1932 in Leipzig and has taught New Testament at the Protestant Theological Faculty in Tubingen since 1972. His main interest has long been in problems of hermeneutics and Biblical Theology. Some of his translated works include Historical Criticism and Theological Interpretation of Scripture, Reconciliation, Law & Righteousness, Paul’s Letter to the Romans, and Revisiting Paul’s Doctrine of Justification: A Challenge to the New Perspective.

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Digital list price: $49.99
Save $18.00 (36%)

In production