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Daniel (The Story of God Bible Commentary | SGBC)

, 2016
ISBN: 9780310491323
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Wendy L. Widder provides pastors, students, Sunday school teachers, and lay people a clear and compelling exposition of the text in the context of the Bible’s overarching story—God’s story. In Daniel , Widder moves away from “application” language, which has been criticized as being too simplistic, instead encouraging discussion of how Daniel and the Bible can be lived today.

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Resource Experts
  • Emphasizes the historical distance between the Bible and contemporary culture
  • Encourages discussion of how the Bible’s story can be lived today
  • Examines each book in the context of God’s story

Top Highlights

“Ancient of Days. This epithet for Yahweh occurs only here in the Bible” (Page 155)

“The message of Daniel 7 is simple enough: God will not abandon his people in their oppression, and those who remain faithful will share in his eternal kingdom.” (Pages 164–165)

“Thus, the position of this commentary is that the accounts in the book of Daniel reflect events that happened to a real Daniel and his Judean peers in sixth-century BC-Babylonian exile, and that the prophecies are accurate. However, the question of who ultimately compiled the book, what editorial work they might have done in it, and when that happened cannot be definitively answered.” (Page 5)

“Was Daniel a prophet? Yes, if you believe the affirmation of Jesus (Matt 24:15). Did Daniel have to write every word of the book that bears his name? No.” (Page 4)

“When Nebuchadnezzar yanks the rug out from under Judah and their world crumbles before him, the reasons are not important.30 What matters when the crisis comes is the unshakeable fact that God has not been taken by surprise. More than that, he is in control. He does not suffer defeat to Nebuchadnezzar. Rather, he gives his people into the hand of the Babylonian king. The reasons for such a horrific act on God’s part do not matter, yet. There will be time later to reflect on the causes. In the moment of crisis, the most important thing to be said is that God is still there and he is in the driver’s seat.” (Pages 32–33)

Offering a new type of application commentary for today’s context, the Story of God Bible Commentary series explains and illuminates Scripture as God’s story. Each biblical text is treated as though it were embedded in its canonical and historical setting to discern how to live out the story faithfully and creatively in the twenty-first century.

The authors of this series study and probe the Bible as God’s story, to discern and then articulate how we can live the Bible’s story faithfully and creatively in the culture today. This series offers vital tools for you to understand the original context of biblical passages; to carry insights from the biblical world and ancient Near Eastern literature straight into your context today; and finally, to empower you to discern and communicate biblical insight to your small group or congregation.

You’ll experience the uniqueness of The Story of God Bible Commentary as it helps you read the Bible in light of Christ’s incarnation, encounter theology of the great traditions of the church, and engage with faithful and insightful voices of the global church.

Each commentary is broken into three sections:

  • Listen to the Story presents the Bible passage in the New International Version (NIV)
  • Interpret the Story examines the passage for its essential message and meaning
  • Live the Story explores how we can live this text in the world today. It offers insightful reflections, illustrations, and practical suggestions for daily Christian life and practice
Wendy Widder

Dr. Wendy Widder contracts with Faithlife as a contributing editor for Logos Mobile Education, but has spent much of her career in the classroom. She began with fifth graders, then made her way into the college and seminary environments. Presently, Widder enjoys teaching and preaching in her local church as opportunities arise.

She has a PhD in Near Eastern studies from the University of the Free State, South Africa, and has also earned an MA in Hebrew and Semitic studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as an MDiv with an emphasis in educational ministries from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

Widder is the author of two books for singles, Living Whole without a Better Half (2nd edition; Kregel Publications, 2014) and A Match Made in Heaven: How Singles and the Church Can Live Happily Ever After (Kregel Publications, 2003). She also coauthored a book with her father for Christian school teachers, The Forest and the Trees: Helping Teachers Integrate a Biblical Worldview across the Curriculum (Wipf and Stock, 2008). Additionally, her master’s thesis and PhD dissertation have been published by Logos Bible Software and Walter de Gruyter, respectively.  Widder is currently writing commentaries on the book of Daniel for two new series by Zondervan (The Story of God; Hearing the Message of Scripture). Her greatest passions are writing biblically and theologically solid materials for laypeople, as well as teaching the Bible in an engaging way.



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  1. David Bauer, Jr.
    I preached Daniel 20 years ago, and decided to get a new resource just to freshen things when I determined to Preach through the book again. I am so glad I picked this resource. I found this author to be scholarly without becoming too academic. I greatly appreciated the "Live the Story" section, which was a tremendous help in discussing ways in which the story of Daniel intersects with our world today. This section was helpful for me as I prepared to preach this amazing book to my congratulation.
  2. Glenn Crouch

    Glenn Crouch


    I wanted to read a commentary on Daniel that wasn't dispensational neither overly scholarly, and thus I was quite pleased with this choice. This is my first dip into this series of commentaries, and whilst I have no current plans to preach on Daniel, I would say this is an excellent commentary for pastors and preachers. I did appreciate the Author's arguments for a historic Daniel but with a Greek (rather than a Roman) interpretation as the "immediate" fulfilment of the prophecies. I also appreciated how she did not deny the possibility of the prophecies of being types - such that they were (at least aspects of them) fulfilled with Jesus - both first and his second coming. The Author was respectful of alternate views. I also liked the approach of this commentary, where a chapter is investigated as a whole - though also broken into passages. Plus the 3 sections for each "chapter" of "Listen", "Explain" and "Live" were well done. With the last section of "Live" giving some good application that fellow pastors should find useful. Also, this approach makes the commentary easy to read rather than just a good reference. There are also good references to other works for further or more in depth study. If other commentaries in this series are as good I will be aiming to get and read more of them :)