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Thinking Theologically about Language Teaching: Christian Perspectives on an Educational Calling

Format: Digital
, 2017
ISBN: 9781783682881


Christians can often overlook the need to bring their daily vocations in accord with the reality created, sustained, and purposed through Christ. This is no less true for language teachers, who find themselves at a difficult interdisciplinary crossroads where the paths of linguistics, culture and education merge. This challenge should not discourage these educators, but instead aid them in their journey to form a pedagogy rooted in theological truths from Scripture, one that provides a nuanced approach that glorifies God in a manner specific to the language classroom.

The contributors of this book outline why and how theology must inform teaching methods so that Christian language educators might better serve their students with both faith and excellence, thereby pointing them to the communicative God whose image they bear.

Key Features

  • Closely examines the relationship between theology and language
  • Presents a theological account of the calling of the teacher
  • Lays out practical discussion of second language education in the classroom


  • Section I, Our Content: Theology and Language
    • Biblical Themes for Christians in Language Teaching by Michael Lessard-Clouston
    • Equipping Students to Read Theology with Discernment by Karin Spiecker Stetina
    • Using Words to Change the World: Wittgenstein and the Communication of Life by Will Bankston
  • Section II, Our Calling: Theology and the Teacher
    • Seeing Clearly: My Role as a Humble, Worshiping Educator by Kaylene Powell
    • Imitating the Humility of Christ in Language Teaching by Bradley Baurain
    • Transformational Teaching: Engaging in a Pneumatic Teaching Praxis by Robert L. Gallagher
  • Section III, Our Classroom: Theology and Practice
    • Exploring Method as Metaphor: A Historical Perspective for Second Language Educators by Cheri Pierson
    • Managing Twenty-First-Century Classes Biblically by Marilyn Lewis
    • Dialogue, Divinity, and Deciphering the Self: Calling Out God’s Image in the Language Classroom by Will Bankston
    • Yahweh’s Taxonomy of the Deeper Dimensions by Melissa Smith

Praise for the Print Edition

Christians are called to view all of life, including their vocations, through the lens of Scripture. This is all the more critical for language teachers, who are instructing students in a medium that is at the heart of God’s identity as a Trinitarian, speaking God. Language teaching in itself is a theological endeavor. The essays in this volume bring out critical issues for Christian English language teachers to consider – from biblical foundations for language teaching, to creative interactions with language theory, to reflections on biblical methodology and pedagogy, to a theological ground for dialogue. They are not merely a welcome contribution to the field of Christian English language teaching; they are, in my opinion, required reading for Christian English teachers who want to approach their calling with biblical integrity. If you are a Christian involved in language teaching, let me put it tersely: please read this book

—Pierce Taylor Hibbs, associate director for Theological Curriculum and Instruction, Westminster Theological Seminary

This volume will challenge Christian readers to grapple with how our faith commitment both reflects and is reflected in our language teaching, and should be required reading for anyone who is a committed Christian and is called to language teaching.

—Jan Edwards Dormer, author Teaching English in Missions, associate professor of TESOL, Messiah College

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About the Editors

Cheri L. Pierson is associate professor of Intercultural Studies at Wheaton Graduate School. Her professional interests include teacher education (practicum in TESOL; methodology), teaching and creating materials in English for non-native speakers who study Bible and theology (English for Bible and Theology), and issues related to women in leadership in cross-cultural contexts.

Will Bankston is a PhD student in Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He holds a Master of Divinity and an MA in Systematic Theology from TEDS, as well as an MA TESOL & Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College. He previously served with an educational NGO, teaching at universities in Southeast Asia and developing theological English curriculum for international seminaries. His work has appeared in popular forums such as The Gospel Coalition and in academic journals such as Teaching Theology and Religion.

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