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Atonement: A Guide for the Perplexed

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ISBN: 9780567424686


Christians agree that they are saved through the death and resurrection of Christ. But how is the atonement achieved in these events? This book offers an introduction to the doctrine of the doctrine of the atonement focused on the unity and diversity of the work of Christ.

Johnson reorients current patterns of thought concerning Christ's work by giving the reader a unifying vision of the immensely rich and diverse doctrine of the atonement, offering a sampling of its treasures, and cultivating the desire to further understand and apply these riches to everyday life. Where introductions to the atonement typically favor one aspect of the work of Christ, or work with a set number of themes, aspects or theories, this book takes the opposite approach, developing the foundation for the multi-faceted nature of Christ's work within the being of God himself. It offers a grand unifying vision of Christ's manifold work. Specific elaborations of different theories of the atonement, biblical themes, and the work of different theologians find their place within this larger rubric.

Key Features

  • Walks non-specialists through the intricacies of this complex topic
  • Includes a helpful list of recommended sources for further reading on the Atonement
  • Encourages readers to frame the atonement within a unified theological vision


  • Mining the Riches
  • On Aspects, Theories and Orthodoxy
  • Triune Atonement: The Foundation of the Doctrine
  • Atonement and the Divine Attributes
  • The Atoning Life of Christ
  • Atonement and the Created Spectrum
  • Application

Praise for the Print Edition

Atonement is a clear, concise and well-written introduction which will be of benefit to students and ministers alike but could also stimulate lively discussion among more advanced experts in the field ... this is an excellent book and a stimulating read.

Theology Journal

This is an economical and lively presentation of Christian teaching about the atonement; it demonstrates deep respect for the Christian tradition, appreciation of the place of the atonement in the wider field of Christian doctrine, and acute theological judgement.

—John Webster, University of St Andrews, UK

The Christian doctrine of the atonement is endlessly rich in its nature, for it speaks of the saving work of the triune God whose plenitude is beyond measure. Johnson offers a valuable exposition of the relationship between the theology of atonement and the doctrine of God, and helpfully explores some of the key ways in which the infinite richness of God is reflected in the nature of God's actions for the reconciliation of creatures

—Ivor J. Davidson, University of St Andrews, UK

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About Adam J. Johnson

Adam Johnson is an Assistant Professor of Theology in the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University, USA. He is the author of God's Being in Reconciliation (T&T Clark, 2012), and editor of the forthcoming T&T Clark Companion to the Atonement.

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