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The Speaker's Commentary (13 vols.)

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"Whilst the Word of God is one, and does not change, it must touch, at new points, the changing phases of physical, philological, and historical knowledge, and so the Comments that suit one generation are felt by another to be obsolete." These words begin The Speaker's Commentary, the collaborated efforts of a team of over 30 top Anglican scholars. The growing controversy concerning historical criticism, polygamy, and racism created a need for an authoritative response from trusted and capable men within the Church. Compelled to address this challenge, the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Right Hon. J. Evelyn Denison, formed a committee with the task of writing a commentary on the entire Bible. Denison and his committee understood the seriousness of these challenges and so took up arms to guard the truth of the Word against their modern critics, such as Frederick Maurice and William Colenso. Through it all, they desired to make the Scriptures plain and clear for the Church - at a time when it was most needed.

Drawing upon the talents F. C. Cook as editor, an exceptionally skilled linguist and biblical scholar, The Holy Bible According to the Authorized Version (A.D. 1611), with an Explanatory and Critical Commentary—or as it is known popularly, The Speaker's Commentary, presents the best of 19th-century Anglican scholarship, having taken over 18 years to complete by a team of more than 30 scholars.

In addition to the complete commentary on the Old and New Testaments, The Speaker's Commentary includes a unique two-volume set on the Apocrypha, continuing the spirit and scholarship of the series to provide a complete commentary of the 1611 Authorized Version.

This collection will be downloaded as three resources: Old Testament, New Testament, and Apocrypha.

  • Complete commentary on the Old and New Testaments from the best Anglican scholarship of the 19th century
  • Bonus two-volume commentary on the Apocrypha
  • Additional excursuses on difficult and important passages
  • Contributions from over 30 scholars
"There can be no question that The Speaker's Commentary will supersede all older commentaries for English readers..."

The Guardian

"We regard these volumes as a specimen of English scholarship of which we need not be ashamed."

The NonConformist

  • Title: The Speaker's Commentary
  • Editors: F. C. Cook and Henry Wace
  • Publisher: John Murray
  • Volumes: 13
  • Pages: 7,941
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F. C. Cook (1810–1889) was a respected biblical scholar and extraordinary linguist, rumored to have a working knowledge of over 50 languages. As editor of and contributor to The Speaker's Commentary, he was tasked with giving the Anglican Church's response to the growing controversy surrounding the writings and teachings of Bishop Colenso and other modern critics.


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  1. Monica K Wright
  2. Benjamin Smith
  3. Gregorio Billikopf
    Kay's commentary on Isaiah (in volume 5) is one of my favorite commentaries, full of freshness and great ideas. That volume alone is worth the asking price in my opinion. After Alexander and Henderson, it is my most favorite commentary on Isaiah. (Gregorio Billikopf, author of Isaiah Testifies of Christ).


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