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Return of the Antichrist and the New World Order

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When Jesus was asked what would be the signs of His coming at of the end of this age, he said, “As it was in the days of Noah . . . so shall it be.” The main event that occurred in the days of Noah is recorded in Genesis 6:4: “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also after that . . . they were the heroes of old, men of renown.” Nephilim in Hebrew means "the fallen ones." These were evil fallen angels who appeared on the earth in those days and caused the violence, bloodshed, and chaos which resulted in a world-wide Flood. “As it was . . . so shall it be.” After the Apocalypse begins, these same fallen angels—plus Satan and all the rest of those that rebelled with him—will once again manifest on earth in plain sight. They will be led by a man most call the antichrist. But in Revelation, he is not given this name; John refers to him as the beast from the abyss.

This book is an in-depth study of the beast’s past, present, and future, which debunks most of the common and accepted assumptions of the antichrist and instead presents a scripturally-based study of he who is to come: The beast who ascends out of the abyss—having seven heads and ten horns.

With the Logos Bible Software edition of Return of the Antichrist and the New World Order the reader has an abundance of resources that offer applicable and insightful material for their study. Topics and Scripture verses can be searched and an assortment of useful resources and perspectives from a variety of pastors and theologians can be accessed.

Key Features

  • In-depth study of the antichrist
  • Includes an examination of End Times prophesies

Product Details

  • Title: Return of the Antichrist and the New World Order
  • Author: Patrick Heron
  • Publisher: Ambassador
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 206

About Patrick Heron

Patrick Heron holds a B.Sc. in Theology and MA in Business. He received an honorary Doctorate in Christian Literature from the California Pacific School of Theology. Heron has been featured on hundreds or radio and TV shows. He lives in Dublin with his wife and three daughters.

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