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NIV Standard Lesson Commentary, 2018-2019

, 2018

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The NIV® Standard Lesson Commentary® (SLC) is perfect as the primary resource for an adult Sunday school class and personal study or as a supplemental resource for any curriculum that follows the ISSL/Uniform Series (ISSL). The SLC combines thorough Bible study with relevant examples and questions to provide 52 weeks of lessons in 1 volume.

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Key Features

  • Provides verse-by-verse commentary for in-depth study of Scripture
  • Prepares heart and mind for teaching with a daily Bible reading plan
  • Includes pronunciation guide for difficult words
  • Contains discussion questions to encourage deeper thinking and application
  • Uses the International Sunday School Lessons (ISSL) curriculum


  • Fall Quarter 2018: God's World and God's People'
  • Winter Quarter 2018-2019: Our Love for God
  • Spring Quarter 2019: Discipleship and Mission
  • Summer Quarter 2019: Covenant in God

Top Highlights

“Impressive as their response is in the moment, the Lord’s persistent grace is even more powerful.” (Page 245)

“Their prayer requests are made with wrong motives, reflecting envy and jealousy.” (Page 171)

“Speaking in parables is a key characteristic of Jesus’ teaching.” (Page 235)

“The elect lady may be a prominent woman in one of the churches in the Ephesus region, or this may be John’s figurative way of referring to the church. The letter encourages its recipients to continue living lives of love but also to be on guard against, and reject, the false teachers who have been visiting their congregation. In so doing, it touches on a then-emerging threat to the first-century church, a threat that scholars today call Docetism.” (Page 163)

“The dividing of a body suggests the cutting up of an animal offered as a sacrifice on the altar of the tabernacle or temple (see Leviticus 1:6, 12). Jesus is thus identifying himself as the supreme sacrificial offering for sins. He takes the place of the sacrificial lamb (compare Exodus 12:3–10, 21–23).” (Page 348)

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  1. Willa Ellison

    Willa Ellison


    I just recently purchased the large print version unaware that I needed to purchase the deluxe version to get the commentary online free...there should have been some kind of message on the packaging I would have brought the deluxe version to get the commentary,..it's less expensive. (I've used the software (CD)for years.
  2. Terri Bourne

    Terri Bourne


    I can't load the Standard Lesson Commentary NIV 2018-2019 Deluxe Edition that I paid for even after following the instructions. The space provided for the code says invalid when I input it. I am upset and not happy!!!
  3. Wayne Fenner

    Wayne Fenner


    I have the deluxe commentary I've put a code in please help me get to the online commentary.
  4. Marcia W. Goodner
    I have a Deluxe Commentary with a Code How can I get my Commentary downloaded. Let me Know please
  5. Terri Blankenship
  6. Daniel NM

    Daniel NM