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Products>Soul Rest: Reclaim Your Life. Return to Sabbath.

Soul Rest: Reclaim Your Life. Return to Sabbath.

ISBN: 9781683590620
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What Does It Mean to Truly Find Rest?

With so many responsibilities and distractions vying for our attention, too many of us have built unhealthy cycles of rest. As a result, we burn ourselves out, striving and straining against God’s intent for our lives. We can only sustain a life of purpose if we learn to truly rest.

In Soul Rest, Curtis Zackery reveals how our misaligned view of rest has its roots in an identity that is out of rhythm with God. Taking steps toward understanding Sabbath in the way that God intends can dynamically affect every aspect of our lives. This thoughtful reflection on rest calls us to the intentional work of self-examination, helping us move towards a purposeful and sustainable life with Jesus.

Praise for Soul Rest

Soul Rest is a book that helps us to remember and understand how we find our identity and rest in Jesus. This important book helps us understand that our hearts have a longing that can only be satisfied by God. Curtis Zackery’s insight on this subject makes Soul Rest well worth reading and highly relevant for today’s church.

—Dr. John M. Perkins, founder and president emeritus, John & Vera Mae Perkins Foundation; co-founder, Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)

Curtis Zackery comes alongside like a spiritual director, pastoring us towards the rest our soul desires. His careful diagnosis of the problem and practical solutions makes Soul Rest a must-read for anyone feeling the anxiety in a busy society.

—Gabe Lyons, president of Q; author of Good Faith, UnChristian and The Next Christians

I can’t tell you how much the message of this book is needed in today’s culture. In a 24/7/365 world, we lose sight of the fact that we have been designed to regularly stop and lay everything down. In Soul Rest, CZ points the way to finding the true source of life.

—TobyMac, Grammy award–winning artist, producer, and songwriter

CZ’s work in this book is the perfect mix of utility and poetry. What you need and what you want at the same time.

—Propaganda, poet, activist, artist

Top Highlights

“The Sabbath is significant because it is during this day that we can acknowledge that those other six days of work are not what produce our significance. The real worth of our work lies in the work that He’s already done. As followers of Jesus and in many church circles, it seems that we have a preoccupation with sin, service, and our work, but not the beautiful finished work of God.” (Page 43)

“I had developed enough mechanisms over time to trick myself into believing that everything was okay, but I was utterly exhausted from all of the ways that I was compensating for unresolved and unclear issues deep within myself. Over time, many of us establish a persona that is a false representation of ourselves. We do so to adapt to the strains and stresses of life, but this false self becomes the reason for our deep tiredness because of the maintenance that it requires to pull off the illusion that this representation of us is, indeed, us.” (Page 13)

“Rather, to keep the Sabbath holy, was to lean into the truth that the work of God truly was finished and it is in this work that we can find our rest. Physical rest is a beautiful by-product of our stopping our work and focusing on God’s work.” (Page 44)

“‘If I were to take away your platform, would you still love and worship me with the same passion that you do right now?’” (Page 24)

“When we remember the Sabbath, it stirs in our hearts and minds a vivid awareness of our inability to rescue ourselves and the insignificance of our work without the leading and power of the Spirit of God.” (Page 52)


Companion Video Series

In the companion video series to Soul Rest, Curtis Zackery guides viewers through a thoughtful reflection on rest. Each lesson concludes with reflection questions to facilitate group discussion or to help you think through the teaching on your own.

  • Foreword by Annie F. Downs
  • Rest for Your Soul
  • Part 1: Finding Rest
    • Reaching the Bottom
    • Permission to Rest
    • The Bible on Sabbath
    • Untangling the Mess
    • Turning to the Source
    • Unlocking Life
  • Part 2: Learning to Rest in the Midst of Life
    • Suffering
    • Weathering Life’s Lessons
    • True Community
    • Forecasting the Future
    • A Life in Ministry
    • Restful Rhythms

Product Details

  • Title: Soul Rest: Reclaim Your Life. Return to Sabbath.
  • Author: Curtis Zackery
  • Publisher: Kirkdale Press
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • Pages: 272
  • Format: Logos Digital, Paperback
  • Trim Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781683590620

Curtis “CZ” Zackery is perhaps best known for his deep empathy and contagious passion for the gospel, which defies barriers of age, ethnicity, and religion. Whether teaching, speaking, or writing, CZ provides a perspective on the gospel that is raw, accessible, and relevant. Curtis has served in various ministry and leadership roles over the last 15 years—including church planting, pastoring, and speaking on rest, the kingdom, and the beauty of the gospel. Curtis, his wife Monique, and two sons, Noah and Micah, currently live in Franklin, TN.

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    Print list price: $15.99
    Save $6.00 (37%)