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The John Frame Worship Collection (2 vols.)

Format: Digital
, 1996–1997


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With reverence and insight, John Frame discusses his perspective on worship in a modern setting. He answers questions regarding the place of traditional worship forms in the life of the church. He provides a defense of contemporary worship forms from arguments confusing preferences for theologically driven mandates. These books discuss Christian freedom regarding presenting God with a pleasing and honoring offering of musical praise.

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Key Features

  • Discusses the human response to God’s self-revelation: worship
  • Provides helpful guidelines for modern Christians that assists in planning for worship services
  • Useful for pastors, worship leaders, and students who seek to serve the church

Product Details

  • Title: The John Frame Worship Collection
  • Author: John Frame
  • Publisher: P&R
  • Volumes: 2
  • Pages: 416
  • Christian Group: Reformed
  • Resource Type: Topical
  • Topic: Worship

Contemporary Worship Music: A Biblical Defense

  • Author: John Frame
  • Publisher: P&R
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Pages: 224

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John Frame answers objections to contemporary worship music by noting its biblical strengths and benefits in worship. A major voice in reformed theology, this contemporary view focuses on an area of stylistic disagreement within the context of the church that divides otherwise unified Christians. Frame advocates for a Scriptural and balanced assessment of worship form, suggesting a proper role for tradition and thoughtful contextualization with in the modern Church.

Here, at last, is a case—and one made articulately and wonsomely—for using contemporary music in worship with theological integrity. . . . it is rare to find an author who makes his case with as much balance.

—Reggie M. Kidd

John Frame goes a long way toward sorting out the issues involved in contemporary worship music and making us aware of the criteria for judging it.

—William Edgar

. . . sorting out the biblical, the theological, the cultural, and the traditional is not always easy. Frame's work will be of tremendous value to everyone seriously considering the topic of worship.

—Charles Dunahoo

Worship in Spirit and Truth: A Refreshing Study of the Principles and Practice of Biblical Worship

  • Author: John Frame
  • Publisher: P&R
  • Publication Date: 1996
  • Pages: 192

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This fresh, practical study of worship throws needed light on questions about worship content, music, atmosphere, structure, freedom. Frame discusses clarity, recent trends, and much more in this practical volume. Study groups, church leaders, and all seeking to enrich their experience of worship will profit from this insightful look at the kind of worship that pleases God.

This is the kind of book that you will read and say, 'But, of course. Why didn't someone explain it that way before?' John Frame has done the church a great service . . . with biblical balance, insight, and an irenic spirit.

—Steve Brown

In this timely and edifying book, John Frame gives us two glorious things: (1) a heart for God and his people, and (2) care and clarity in teaching. . . . [Frame] shows us the biblical balance. . . . This book must be taken seriously and prayerfully.

—D. Clair Davis

About John Frame

John M. Frame (AB, Princeton University; BD, Westminster Theological Seminary; MA and MPhil, Yale University; DD, Belhaven College) holds the J.D. Trimble Chair of Systematic Theology and Philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando and is the author of many books, including the four-volume Theology of Lordship series.


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