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Threshing Floors in Ancient Israel

ISBN: 9781451485233
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Vital to an agrarian community’s survival, threshing floors are agricultural spaces where crops are threshed and winnowed. But the Hebrew Bible rarely refers to such agricultural activities taking place at such sites. Instead, biblical narratives repeatedly depict threshing floors in ancient Israel as sites for mourning rites, divination rituals, cultic processions, and sacrifices. Kings consult prophets there; even the Solomonic temple was built on a threshing floor.

Jaime L. Waters shows that these originally agricultural sites were also considered sacred spaces connected to Yahweh, under his control, and subject to his power to bless, curse, and save and that Israel had a special ritual access to Yahweh in these powerfully symbolic sites. Waters also examines the various personnel active in the use and operation of threshing floors in these sacred functions in order to draw a more complete picture of ancient Israelite social life. An addendum discusses relevant material for comparison from Ugarit.

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Key Features

  • Explores the depiction of threshing floors in the Hebrew Bible
  • Elucidates the sacred dimensions of threshing floors
  • Provides a brief, comparative survey of Ugaritic references to threshing floors


  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Divine Control and Use of Threshing Floors
  • Threshing Floors in Legal Contexts
  • Threshing Floors as Sacred Spaces
  • Temple Construction upon a Threshing Floor
  • Conclusion
  • Addendum: Threshing Floors as Sacred Spaces in Ugarit
  • Bibliography

Praise for the Print Edition

We may think we know what threshing floors are and understand their agricultural function, but Jaime L. Waters shows us how to see these installations in a new and innovative way—as sacred spaces. Indeed, Waters’s analysis shows that it’s no coincidence that a threshing floor becomes the site of the preeminent sacred space of ancient Israel, the Jerusalem temple. Theoretical considerations of sacred space, plus a discussion of threshing floors in Ugaritic literature, further enhance the significance of this fascinating study.

—Susan Ackerman, Dartmouth College

Jaime L. Waters is assistant professor in the department of Catholic studies at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. This volume is based on her dissertation completed at The Johns Hopkins University under the direction of Theodore J. Lewis.

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  1. David Paul

    David Paul


    There's a lot of prophetic significance related to this subject, but I would be surprised if this ever gets through PrePub.
Save on Publisher Spotlight through November 30!


Print list price: $44.00
Regular price: $30.99
Save $12.40 (40%)