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New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic, 2nd ed.

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This classic one-volume reference work has been appreciated for decades. It is now substantially expanded and revised to focus on a variety of theological themes, thinkers and movements. From African Christian Theology to Zionism, this volume of historical and systematic theology offers a wealth of information and insight for students, pastors and all thoughtful Christians.

Over half of the more than eight hundred articles are new or rewritten with hundreds more thoroughly revised. Fully one-third larger than its predecessor, this volume focusing on systematic and historical theology has added entries and material on theological writers and themes in North America and around the world. Helpful bibliographies have also been updated throughout.

Over three hundred contributors form an international team of renowned scholars including Marcella Altaus-Reid, Richard Bauckham, David Bebbington, Kwame Bediako, Todd Billings, Oliver Crisp, Samuel Escobar, John Goldingay, Tremper Longman III, John McGuckin, Jennifer McNutt, Michael J. Nasir-Ali, Bradley Nassif, Mark Noll, Anthony Thiselton, John Webster and N.T. Wright.

This new edition combines excellence in scholarship with a high standard of clarity and profound insight into current theological issues. Yet it avoids being unduly technical. Now an even more indispensable reference, this volume is a valuable primer and introduction to the grand spectrum of theology.

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  • Features an extensive and straightforward cross-reference system
  • Contains over 800 articles, more than half of which are brand new or rewritten
  • Includes contributions from a wide range of international respected scholars

Top Highlights

“For instance, his theology is not shaped by the covenant concept in the manner of later Reformed theology, yet after his death covenant theology became increasingly influential.” (Page 749)

“Election is conditional on man’s response, dependent on God’s foreknowledge of his faith and *perseverance.” (Page 65)

“Full-blown dispensationalism flourished in America, strengthened by the founding of Dallas Theological Seminary by Lewis Sperry Chafer. From the 1970s it was promoted in popular literature by Hal Lindsey in The Late Great Planet Earth and the ‘Left Behind’ series of novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. While American evangelicalism continues to include all views, British evangelicalism and evangelical scholars in both countries and around the world generally reject the idea of a literal millennium as a misreading of Rev. 20:3 and adopt the amillennial views of Augustine and the Reformers.” (Page 298)

“He remains the quintessential exponent of an alternative Reformation tradition from that articulated in Calvin and Barth, namely one preoccupied with human *religion as a response to God’s self-disclosure. And he constitutes a type of response to *Enlightenment critiques of the possibility of theology, a response in which the reality of God is located in human historical experience.” (Page 813)

“Impassibility is that divine attribute whereby *God is said not to experience inner emotional changes of state, whether enacted freely from within or affected by his relationship to and interaction with human beings and the created order. More specifically, impassibility denies that God can experience suffering and pain, and thus does not have feelings that are analogous to human feelings. Divine impassibility follows upon his immutability, in that, since God is changeless and unchangeable, his inner emotional state cannot change from joy to sorrow or from delight to suffering. Within contemporary theology and philosophy this divine attribute is frequently denied, the argument being that if God is impassible, he is then utterly devoid of love, mercy and compassion.” (Page 445)


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  1. Wilko Olles

    Wilko Olles


    This has been a most helpful volume. Naturally, the quality of essays fluctuates, but overall, it's an excellent introductory resource to turn to for systematic/historical questions.
  2. Stephen E Moser


Digital list price: $47.99
Save $10.00 (20%)