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Products>MP Seminars: Logos 7 Training Manual Volumes 1–3 (Digital)

MP Seminars: Logos 7 Training Manual Volumes 1–3 (Digital)

, 2016–2018

Digital Logos Edition

Logos Editions are fully connected to your library and Bible study tools.


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The Logos Bible Software Training Manuals Volumes 1-3 were designed to be sold as a complete set. This collection features 824 pages spanning 100 chapters, making it the perfect companion to your software. This digital set will guide you step by step through the vast majority of Logos capabilities. Keep this set handy and you’ll never be without practical instructions to help you unleash the power of Logos.

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Resource Experts

Key Features

  • Volume 1: Includes 41 chapters and 322 pages
  • Volume 2: Includes 34 chapters and 244 pages
  • Volume 3: Includes 25 chapters and 260 pages
  • Easy to understand step by step instructions
  • Numerous color screenshots to illustrate the written explanations
  • Callouts to point you to the correct locations
  • Time saving keyboard shortcuts
  • Thorough Table of Contents
  • Helpful Index
  • And more!

Product Details

  • Title: Logos Bible Software 7 Training Manuals Volumes 1-3 Bundle (Digital)
  • Author: Morris Proctor
  • Publisher: MP|Seminars
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Volumes: 3
  • Pages: 826
  • Platform: PC and Mac
  • Version: Logos 7
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About Morris Proctor

Morris Proctor, authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software, offers three-day Camp Logos training seminars around the country. Ever since Logos Bible Software revolutionized his personal study, he has devoted his time through his company, Morris Proctor Seminars, to training Logos users to realize the software’s full potential. In the manuals, Morris Proctor distills some of his best seminar content into convenient, helpful reference guides.

Morris Proctor writes in plain English, not “computerese,” and offers practical tips that can be applied right away. His screenshots illustrate his written explanations. With these useful manuals, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you master Logos Bible Software!

Check the Camp Logos calendar for the next Camp Logos near you!


13 ratings

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  1. Dorothy Hill

    Dorothy Hill


    I am a student of the Word of God. Not a scholar, pastor, or teacher. Just a lay person hungry for the Word of God. Just as many others here, I have invested significantly in my software. The value and experience that I gain from the product is worth what I paid. I thank God for the scholars, programmers, administrators, and others who make this software possible. I pray for God's covering, provision, and wisdom to keep this work going. I pray for the users to receive the value they seek from the product. I am a corporate trainer. There is a cost for training because it takes resources to build. It can be "hidden" in the cost of the product or separate. The benefit of it being separate is that people who want it can choose to buy it. Those who don't want it won't feel as if they are paying for something they aren't using. Consider other feature rich software programs on the market like the Microsoft or Adobe suites of products. Basic training is provided and those who want to go deeper can seek out training. Software training is an industry in itself. Not everyone wants or needs all features. The best way to learn a tool is to focus on the handful of features that will be used immediately, and then build from there as you gain proficiency. Use the basic training to build a solid foundation, then, if needed, consider the advanced training. As a user and fan, I want to humbly and respectfully provide feedback. I would like a way to "lend" books in my library with others similar to what I might do with books in a physical library. I would also like to see the favorites user interface improved. Think lower shelf of a book case with books that I am actively reading, with bookmarks. It would be easy to add and remove resources, accessible from any screen, would open to the location where I left off, and offer bookmarks. Thank you.
  2. Forrest Cole

    Forrest Cole


  3. Paul Rowlands

    Paul Rowlands


  4. Deliverance By Grace Fellowship
    The free training only cover the basic, I believe the manual covers more specific areas.
  5. joe_bourne1951@hotmail.com
  6. Edward Wright
    should be free
  7. Art



  8. Stefan Köttl

    Stefan Köttl


  9. Earl R Click Jr

    Earl R Click Jr


    Cant understand why the digital costs as much as the print but than again I am clueless about the cost to digitize books. Is there an advantage to the digital other than its always there?
  10. Eddie King

    Eddie King


    I agree with what everyone is saying about the User Manual, these should be included with the product. I have spent more money than I should have on software, and am constantly offered more resources, that I do not want or need. I have decided there are only a few more resources that I want, when they are on special I will consider spending more money, but there is no bottomless pit of money. I too would question recommending Logos to others for this very reason; they don't seem to care about their existing customers. I have been using Logos for years and still have only a basic knowledge of all the features of logos; even after watching many training videos and the MP Logos 6 Training Manuals. I was considering buying the MP Training Manuals Logos 7, but where does it end? Next they will bring out Logos 8 and want you to spend more money. The truth is NEVER popular. This company clearly demonstrates that they are are DOLLAR DRIVEN and NOT CHRIST DRIVEN.


Collection value: $89.97
Save $19.98 (22%)