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The Message of Proverbs: Wisdom for Life (The Bible Speaks Today | BST)

ISBN: 9780851111667
  • Format:Digital
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The book of Proverbs is the most practical book in the Bible. Its instruction in the art of living has been long tried and long proven. Its proverbial seeds of discernment are ready to be planted and rooted in the receptive soil of Wisdom’s sons and daughters today.

The ancient voice of Lady Wisdom still cries out today. She summons us to the life skills of godliness and helps us say no to the foolish and destructive enticements that inhabit the malls, campuses, housing divisions, and office buildings of the postmodern world. But as much as we glean from the surface of the book of Proverbs, there remains still more in its depths.

David Atkinson wonderfully illuminates the ancient cultural and religious background of the discourses and sayings of Proverbs. Wisdom’s values are brought into sharp relief. More important, he brings the wisdom from the book of Proverbs into conversation with the wisdom of God now more fully displayed in Christ. In this way, the place of the book of Proverbs in the pattern of God’s Word is clearly accented.

Key Features

  • Applies the truth of Scripture to everyday life in the contemporary world
  • Engages a variety of readers with accessible, nontechnical language
  • Analyzes the flow of thought in passage-by-passage exposition of Old Testament books
  • Provides insightful treatment of key themes
  • Title: The Message of Proverbs: Wisdom for Life
  • Author: David J. Atkinson
  • Series: The Bible Speaks Today
  • Publisher: Inter-Varsity
  • Print Publication Date: 1997
  • Logos Release Date: 2015
  • Pages: 173
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Bible. O.T. Proverbs › Commentaries
  • ISBN: 9780851111667
  • Resource ID: LLS:BST20PR
  • Resource Type: Bible Commentary
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2020-09-15T17:25:32Z

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David J. Atkinson is retired as assistant bishop in Southwark Diocese. Previously, he was a fellow of Corpus Christi College in Oxford, England, an assistant curate of The Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, archdeacon of Lewisham, and bishop of Thetford. He is the author of several books and commentaries, including Pastoral Ethics: A Guide to the Key Issues of Daily Living.

Best Commentaries Sale 2020


Digital list price: $14.99
Regular price: $11.99
Save $6.00 (50%)