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Julian of Norwich: Showings

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This volume contains witty and startling perceptions of the “feminine” nature of God by one of the greatest of all English mystics. Julian of Norwich (1342–c.1423) was an anchoress who lived in solitude in Norwich, England. With this volume, better understand the office of anchoress and the character of Christianity in the middle ages.

For a massive collection including over a hundred and twenty of the volumes in this series, see the Classics of Western Spirituality Bundle (126 vols.).

Key Features

  • A clear presentation of classic spirituality in an accessible form
  • Fully integrates and cross references with other resources from your Logos library
  • A primary source that is useful for research and historical study

Top Highlights

“Julian presents us with a typical example of a theology based on mystical experience, which certainly does not exclude the activity of reason but which can in no way be reduced to the rational.” (Pages 4–5)

“Julian touches on all the main issues of theology, e.g., creation, man, nature, life, the Incarnation, the death and glorification of Christ, grace, sin, the Church, Mary and the world to come. Her primary focus, however, is on three great mysteries, or rather three aspects of the same mystery: God, man and their reconciliation. Furthermore, she sees everything in the light of Christ-the-Servant. It is through Christ that she reaches God; for her, ‘the Trinity is God, and God is the Trinity. The Trinity is our maker, our protector, our everlasting lover, our endless joy and our bliss, from our Lord Jesus Christ and in our Lord Jesus Christ’ (p. 181).” (Pages 6–7)

“No other heaven was pleasing to me than Jesus, who will be my bliss when I am there; and this has always been a comfort to me, that I chose Jesus as my heaven in all times of suffering and of sorrow. And that has taught me that I should always do so, and choose only him to be my heaven in well-being and in woe.” (Page 143)

“In the disputations of the masters of 13th and 14th-century scholastic theology, the question was often asked whether or not women had a right to be depicted with the halo of the Doctors; the answer was always negative in spite of the fact that women had been actually teaching.” (Page 3)

“Sin is necessary125, but all will be well, and all will be well, and every kind of thing will be well.” (Page 225)

About the Author

Julian of Norwich (c. 8 November 1342 – c. 1416) was an English anchoress and an important Christian mystic and theologian. Her Revelations of Divine Love, written around 1395, is the first book in the English language known to have been written by a woman.


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    Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


    Digital list price: $19.99
    Regular price: $15.99
    Save $4.00 (25%)