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Products>Augustine Through the Ages: An Encyclopedia

Augustine Through the Ages: An Encyclopedia

, 1999
ISBN: 9780802864796

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The definitive reference work on Augustine that scholars, from all fields of theological study, describe as "superb" and "indispensable" for students, scholars, libraries, and anyone interested in studying Augustine. While the work provides exhaustive resources on Augustine's own life and his theological and pastoral work, it also provides an exceptional wealth of information about scholarship, past and present on the great theologian. Moreover, it documents the influence of Augustine on the Catholic Church, the Reformation and on great thinkers and theologians such as Kierkegaard, Luther, Erasmus, and Calvin. Topics range from archeology to martyrdom, from imagination to Augustine's personal friends.

  • A definitive reference work on Augustine
  • Provides an exceptional wealth of information about scholarship on Augustine
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Top Highlights

“‘mysticism’: ‘Mystical theology is knowledge of God by experience, arrived at through the embrace of unifying love’ (De mystica theologia 1.6.6).” (Page 576)

“embedded these rational principles in the creation so as to guide the development of the material world” (Page 885)

“To the earthly observer, these events retain their fundamental obscurity even once they have occurred. Considered in its totality, the life of temporal societies appears, not as an orderly ‘progression’ (procursus) toward a determinate end, but as a simple ‘process’ (excursus) by which the two cities run out their earthly existence, with its characteristic blend of successes and failures but no guarantee of salvation in this world (epistula ad Firmum: BA 33:171; civ. Dei 15.21; retr. 2.43.20); for ‘only in heaven has been promised that which on earth we seek’ (en. Ps. 48.6).” (Page 201)

“Grace is fundamentally the illumination of the mind by divine Truth, the Word of God, and the movement of the will by divine Love, the Holy Spirit. This divine operation takes many forms, which are differentiated by the condition of the particular created spirit: repentance, faith, prayer, charity, perseverance, and glory. God works in many ways, from governance of the bodily world, through control of the effects of good and evil intentions, to dwelling and operating within the good angels and faithful Christians.” (Page 398)

“All choices and acts are born of desire, appetite, and hence are rooted in love, either in the love that grace alone makes possible, caritas, or in sinful love, cupiditas. But consciousness does not stand outside will, rationally, indifferently deliberating how best to use the will to procure its ends. Rather knowledge, deliberation, will, choice, and body interpenetrate one another and inseparably form a whole.” (Page 30)

Allan D. Fitzgerald is General Editor of Augustinian Studies, a publication of Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania. He has written numberous books and essays on Augustine of Hippo and is a member of the Order of St. Augustine.


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  1. Thomas Toews

    Thomas Toews


    It would be nice if the listing of Augustine's works had the links actually work for those who own the Fathers of the Church, Ancient Christian Writers, and the New Century Translation.
  2. Peter Mark Wallace
  3. Christopher B

    Christopher B


    This may very well be an excellent work, but I'm concerned that two different publication dates are currently given in different parts of the web page (1999 beside the image of the book and 2009 in the "Product Details" section). Since this discrepancy may have a considerable effect on the usefulness of the book for students in particular, I'm asking Logos to clarify which publication date is correct. Thank you.
  4. Antonius



  5. Michael Maria Waldstein
  6. John Vignol

    John Vignol



Digital list price: $76.99
Save $15.00 (19%)