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New Logos 5 Clause Search finds everything users want, nothing more


Search for ‘Peter’ pulls up ‘fisherman,’ ‘the rock,’ ‘Simon,’ ‘the disciples,’ ‘him,’ etc., by linking names, pronouns to people, places, things

BELLINGHAM, Wash., November 28, 2012 — Logos Bible Software’s precise new Clause Search goes beyond traditional search processes to turn up virtually every biblical word or phrase related to a search term. Logos 5’s searches link scriptural phrases and pronouns in English, Greek and Hebrew to the people, places and things they refer to. Logos 5 connects to the Logos ecosystem and the Faithlife social network with massive libraries and shared reading plans, notes and prayer requests.

“I’m absolutely thrilled with Logos 5 and the new enhancements it brings, especially in searching for phrases,” says Michael L. Brown, PhD, author, professor and national radio host. “Overall, the program responds even more quickly, and using my Platinum library, I could hardly believe that a search for ‘metanoia’ (the Greek word for ‘repentance’) yielded 424 results in 0.26 seconds and that a search for the phrase ‘dead to sin’ yielded 523 results in 2.27 seconds. And from there, once I’m reading one of the sources, I can click on a cross-reference within my library, and voilà, there it is on my screen.”

A Clause Search for “Jesus” returns results not only for the name as written, but also for “Son of Man,” “Prince of Peace,” “Messiah,” “Lamb of God,” “him,” etc.; a search for “time” brings back results for “hour,” “beginning,” “day,” “year” and more. And while regular Bible searches for “Jesus” and “Bethlehem” only pull up those places where both names appear, like Matthew 2:1 and John 7:42, Clause Search recognizes related verses and terms, generating results like Luke 2:11: “For unto you is born this day in the city of David [Bethlehem] a Savior [Jesus], who is Christ the Lord [Jesus].” Other Logos 5 tools include the Timeline, Topic Guide, Bible Facts and Sermon Starter Guide.

“All in all, Logos 5 is a remarkable and practical software system, beckoning me to deeper study and greater fruitfulness in the Lord’s service,” Brown adds. “Best of all, I can do this kind of study at 35,000 feet while traveling to India!”

Friends, family, colleagues and churches connect in Logos 5 through Faithlife, which is wrapped around the world’s largest, most advanced study Bible, the 2.3-million-word Faithlife Study Bible. Pastors and worship leaders can collaborate on multimedia worship services using Proclaim church presentation software’s cloud-synced technology. And readers can bring one-touch Bible references to their Christian fiction and nonfiction with Vyrso Christian ebooks, which, with Logos, offers tens of thousands of digital Christian resources.

Logos is offering an introductory 15 percent off each of Logos 5’s seven base packages, which range from the 191-resource Starter, now priced around $250 and worth $3,500 in print, to the 2,585-resource Portfolio, now priced under $4,300 and worth $78,000 in print. The intermediate packages are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

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Logos Bible Software 5 is a high-end desktop app that helps people study the Bible in ways that fit their lives. Logos 5 digs deep into the Bible and tens of thousands of books with fast, precise searches, rich original-language tools and a smart theological library on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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