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The Christian Post CP Blogs: A Guide to Waging War Through Prayer

BELLINGHAM, Wash., April 16, 2012 -- Forget the pastoral settings for prayer cast with rolling meadows and fragrant flowers. National Day of Prayer Task Force Vice Chair John Bornschein unveils prayer for what it really is—a powerful weapon to be wielded in spiritual warfare. His new digital book The Front Line: A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle is riddled with wartime imagery and anecdotes in a crusade to shake Americans out of the trenches and onto the front line of battle—against the destructive forces dismantling our nation.

Just in time for this year’s National Day of Prayer and only months out from the presidential election, The Front Line, published by Kirkdale Press and discounted by Vyrso: Christian Ebooks through May 3rd, sets out to lay aside common misperceptions of prayer and set the record—and America—straight. Bornschein, a frequent host on Focus on the Family broadcasts and Salem’s Life Today radio program, isn’t afraid to sound the battle cry and take the Church through spiritual boot camp. And he’s never witnessed a more pressing time for prayer, seeing the Christian underpinnings of our country being attacked from every side.

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