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Deeper Insights from
the Word

Logos 7 is fine-tuned to help you grasp the meaning
of any biblical passage.

Get Started—Fast

Get into the Word faster—and get more out of the time you spend there. The Courses Tool lets you choose from dozens of learning plans that guide you through Logos features and key readings on a score of topics and books. Or, start with one of our Quickstart Layouts tailored to different types of study and core Bible study tasks. Then, connect your Bible with your favorite commentary and scroll them in sync for easy reference.

Features: Courses Tool, Multiview Resources, Quickstart layouts

Find the Right Results with One Search

Everything Search is your launch pad for in-depth Bible study. Search any Bible verse, concept, person, event—anything—and this tool retrieves everything you need to get started: dictionary links, maps, Factbook results, media, relevant books and commentaries, and more!

Features: Everything Search

Visualize Scripture with Interactive Media

Explore the ancient world with interactive media, virtual tours, infographics, and more! Step into a first-century tomb and rediscover the significance of the resurrection for the Christian life. Connect biblical stories with their geographic context with an atlas complete with intuitive pan and zoom features. Create beautiful images, illustrated quotes, and more with the Media Tool—just click to share them with friends and family online.

Features: Before and After Slides, An Empty Tomb interactive, Atlas Tool, Media Tool

Gain Biblical Wisdom for Everyday Life

Explore biblical people, places, things, events, and concepts with the Factbook—a comprehensive encyclopedia built from resources across your entire library. Use the Factbook to find media and library excerpts for deeper, more engaging study. Then, explore Psalms and Proverbs with interactive tools that let you sort and filter by author, genre, theme, and more—and reveal the poetic structure of the text.

Features: Proverbs Explorer, Psalms Explorer, Factbook

Greek and Hebrew for Everyone

Find every use of a Greek word (like logos or agape) or Hebrew word (like chesed or hallelujah) in Scripture, even if the only language you read is English. See how various Bible versions translate a given word, and explore the senses that word can communicate. Run a word study on an English word, or use the Greek Alphabet Tutor to learn how to write Greek and Hebrew characters.

Features: Reverse Interlinear, Bible Word Study, Greek Alphabet Tutor