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Complete List of Sermons

Sermon Title Date
Christian Happiness 1720–1723
The Value of Salvation 1720–1723
Wicked Men’s Slavery to Sin 1720–1723
The Importance of a Future State 1720–1723
Fragment on Seeking 1720–1723
Glorious Grace 1720–1723
The Nakedness of Job 1720–1723
God’s Excellencies 1720–1723
The Duty of Hearkening to God’s Voice 1720–1723
Christian Safety 1720–1723
The Way of Holiness 1720–1723
The Duty of Self-Examination 1720–1723
Poverty of Spirit 1720–1723
Life through Christ Alone 1720–1723
Dedication to God 1720–1723
Living to Christ 1720–1723
Dying to Gain 1720–1723
Christ’s Sacrifice 1720–1723
Fragment: Application on Love to Christ 1720–1723
Christian Liberty 1720–1723
True Love to God 1720–1723
The Godly Delight to Exalt God and to Lay Themselves Low 1723–1726
A Spiritual Understanding of Divine Things Denied to the Ungregenerate 1723–1726
The Pleasantness of Religion 1723–1726
God Sometimes Punishes Sin, by Giving Men up to Sin 1723–1726
Living Peaceably One with Another 1723–1726
Nothing upon Earth can Represent the Glories of Heaven 1723–1726
Mourning for Our Iniquity 1723–1726
We Ought to Make Religion Our Present and Immediate Business 1723–1726
Fragment: Sacrificing Ourselves to God 1723–1726
God Sometimes Defers the Punishment of Sinners till They Are Ripe for Destruction 1723–1726
Christians under Special Obligations to Be Universally Holy 1723–1726
Christ Jesus the Original and Fountain of All Spiritual Life and Nourishment 1723–1726
God Unalterably Determines the Limits of Every Man’s Life 1723–1726
Praise to God Becoming and Amiable 1723–1726
Christ’s Disciples Must Deny Themselves 1727–1728
Warnings of Future Punishment Don’t Seem Real to the Wicked 1727–1728
God Is a Just and Righteous God 1727–1728
Wisdom Consists above All in Godliness 1727–1728
God Is Everywhere Present 1727–1728
All God’s Methods Are Most Reasonable 1727–1728
Impending Judgments Averted Only by Reformation 1727–1728
The Punishment of the Wicked in Proportion to Their Sin 1727–1728
Religion Should Be the Main Business of Our Lives 1727–1728
Christ’s Meanness in the World Worthy of the Highest Admiration 1727–1728
God Never Fails of His Word 1727–1728
The Son of God, by Appearing in Our Nature, Laid a Foundation for Peace on Earth 1727–1728
Christ Appearing in Our Nature an Instance of Wonderful Love 1727–1728
There Are Many That Seek Eternal Life, That Will Never Obtain 1727–1728
God Don’t Thank Men For Doing Those Things Which He Commands Them 1727–1728
True Nobleness of Mind 1727–1728
God’s Power Appears in Carrying on His Work by Utterly Insufficient Instruments 1727–1728
A Christian Possesses All Things 1727–1728
No One Will Ever Repent of Forsaking Sin and Turning to God 1727–1728
Only That Faith That Works by Love Avails Anything before God 1727–1728
Imprudent and Foolish Persons Don’t Consider Their Latter End 1727–1728
The Present World Shall One Day Come to an End 1727–1728
Those Sinners That Are Saved, It Is God Saves Them 1727–1728
Jesus Became Poor for Our Sakes 1727–1728
God the Father of Lights 1727–1728
Our Time Here Is Short and Uncertain 1727–1728
God Doth Whatever He Pleases 1727–1728
Fear God 1727–1728
Follow Christ’s Directions 1727–1728
The Secrets of Men Must All Come into Judgment before God 1727–1728
A Sight of the Glory of Christ 1727–1728
Fragment: Our Land Distinguished by God 1727–1728
God Hates Sin 1727–1728
Vicious Persons Will Greatly Lament Their Folly 1728–1729
The Threefold Work of the Holy Ghost 1728–1729
The New Covenant Is a Dispensation of Grace 1728–1729
Communion with Christ 1728–1729
Lukewarm Christians 1728–1729
God Will Not Be Slack in Punishing the Wicked 1728–1729
A Possibility of Being Saved Preferable to a Certainty of Perishing 1728–1729
Praising God for Annual Blessings 1728–1729
Keeping Our Hearts with All Diligence 1728–1729
The Spirit of True Godliness Excellent 1728–1729
The Christian Has Work to Do That Must Be Done 1728–1729
Christ Is a Person Transcendently Excellent and Desirable 1728–1729
Safety, Fullness and Sweet Refreshment to Be Found in Christ 1728–1729
Living Unconverted under an Eminent Means of Grace 1728–1729
There Are No Neuters in Religion 1728–1729
The Cares of This Life Often Hinder the Word of God 1728–1729
Profitable Hearers of the Word 1728–1729
The Spiritual Blessings of the Gospel Represented by a Feast 1728–1729
The Torments of Hell Are Exceeding Great 1728–1729
There Will Be a Great Difference Made Hereafter in the State of Many 1728–1729
Sinners Taht Outstand Their Day of Grace Shall Surely Perish 1728–1729
It’s Crime Enough to Render Any Man a Cursed Man That Loves Not Jesus Christ 1728–1729
Christ’s Particular Respect to Every Believer in His Work of Redemption 1728–1729
God Is First in Love to His Saints 1728–1729
Jesus Met with Reproach and Contempt 1728–1729
Some Only Dissemble in Doing Their Duty 1728–1729
Spiritual Judgments Are The Most Terrible for a People 1728–1729
None Are Saved by Their Own Righteousness 1728–1729
God’s Wisdom in His Stated Method of Bestowing Grace 1728–1729
God’s Glory in His Terribleness 1728–1729
Great Men Are As Liable to Death As Others 1728–1729
God Never Changes His Mind 1729–1730
The Wicked Carried Away Unawares 1729–1730
The Covenant of Grace Firm and Sure 1729–1730
A Strange Punishment to the Workers of Iniquity 1729–1730
Contending with God 1729–1730
The Righteous Have More Reason to Praise God 1729–1730
The Sacrifice of Christ Acceptable 1729–1730
God’s All-Sufficiency for the Supply of Our Wants 1729–1730
Sin and Wickedness Bring Calamity and Wickedness on a People 1729–1730
Earthly Riches Make Themselves Wings 1729–1730
Spiritual Appetites Need No Bounds 1729–1730
The Incarnation of Christ Longed for by the Church 1729–1730
Signs of God’s Displeasure in the Removal of Useful People 1729–1730
Glorying in the Savior 1729–1730
‘Tis Unreasonable to Assume No Punishment for the Wicked 1729–1730
Trusting in the Creature 1729–1730
Trusting in God 1729–1730
The Straight and Narrow Passage 1729–1730
A Great Difference between the Converted and Converted 1729–1730
The Nearness of Death 1729–1730
The First Shall Be Last 1729–1730
Betrayers of Christ 1729–1730
Children of the Devil 1729–1730
Childlike Respect to God 1729–1730
True Happiness 1729–1730
The Sweetness of the Word 1729–1730
A Christian Spirit Is of Great Price 1729–1730
The Truth of the Gospel Assured 1729–1730
Addiction to Wickedness 1729–1730
Wise and Pious Parents 1729–1730
God Sees All Things 1729–1730
The Day of Judgment 1729–1730
Provoking God 1729–1730
True Repentance Required 1729–1730
Vengeance for Sin 1729–1730
God Will Deal with All According to Their Temper and Practice 1729–1730
In a Time of Sore Drought 1729–1730
There Is None Teaches Like God 1729–1730
The Insensibility of the Wicked 1729–1730
Practical Atheism 1729–1730
Receiving the Blessed Fruits of Religion by Practicing It with Our Whole Hearts 1729–1730
Woe to Them That Put Evil for Good and Good for Evil 1729–1730
The Wicked Cannot Bear the Misery of Damnation 1729–1730
The Saints Do Live by Faith 1729–1730
The Pure in Heart Blessed 1729–1730
The Church of God Is the Salt of the Earth 1729–1730
Where Their Worm Dieth Not 1729–1730
The Grace of God in the New Covenant 1729–1730
Slaves to Corruption 1729–1730
The Terribleness of God’s Wrath 1729–1730
Communion in the Body and Blood of Christ 1729–1730
Those That Oppose Their Strength to God’s Are Like to Come to a Trial 1729–1730
‘Tis No Matter What We Go through to Get Salvation, So That We Do But Obtain It at Last 1729–1730
Envious Men 1729–1730
Christ, the Light of the World 1729–1730
The Dangers of Decline 1729–1730
Honey from the Rock 1730–1731
God Makes Men Sensible of Their Misery before He Reveals His Mercy and Love 1730–1731
Christ Is Full of Truth and Grace 1730–1731
Full of Truth and Grace 1730–1731
Satan’s Prey 1730–1731
The Glory and Honor of God Requires That His Displeasure Be Manifested against Sin 1730–1731
Showing Thankfulness for God’s Mercies by Our Deeds 1730–1731
Christ Our Mediator Formed of the Same Clay As We 1730–1731
Those in a Natural Condition Have Reason to Be Always in Fear of Destruction 1730–1731
Everything Brought to Pass by God’s Designs 1730–1731
The Godly Alone Have the Wisdom to Use and Truly Enjoy Their Worldly Good Things 1730–1731
The Soul at Death Goes to God Who Gave It 1730–1731
The Heart of Man Is Exceeding Deceitful 1730–1731
Stupid As Stones 1730–1731
A Pretense of Trusting in Christ a Vain Pretense in the Wicked 1730–1731
Only They That Go to Heaven Obtain the Kingdom of Heaven 1730–1731
Christ Gives Rest to All Such As Are Spiritually Weary and Burthened 1730–1731
Taking Christ’s Yoke Is a Giving All to His Service 1730–1731
Worldly Propserity a Miserable Consolation 1730–1731
Partaking in Christ’s Fullness 1730–1731
Born Again 1730–1731
Particular Repentance 1730–1731
Fatal Self-Righteousness 1730–1731
God Glorified in Man’s Dependence 1730–1731
Self-Examination and the Lord’s Supper 1730–1731
The Perpetuity and Change of the Sabbath 1730–1731
Serving God in Heaven 1730–1731
Better Ends 1730–1731
The Greatest Priviledge 1730–1731
The Obedience of Love 1730–1731
No Other Love Can Be Compared with the Dying Love of Christ 1730–1731
Christians a Chosen Generation 1730–1731
Grace Is in the Hearts of the Saints As a Seed 1730–1731
East of Eden 1730–1731
Infinite Mercy 1730–1731
One Thing Needful 1730–1731
Those That Belong to Christ are Faithful to Him 1730–1731
Willingly Receiving Christ 1730–1731
The Sagacity of the Ant 1746
The Strength of the Coney 1746
The Unity of the Locust 1746
The Industry of the Spider 1746
The Life of Man Like a Pleasant Plant 1746
Religion and Good Order the Matter of Head of Families’ Resolution 1746
God Chastens the Righteous 1746
God’s People to Pray for the Promised Latter-Day Outpouring of the Spirit 1746
Christ and Believers One Mystical Person 1746
God Makes His Church Take Root Downward and Bear Fruit Upward 1746
The Church of Christ Built on a Rock 1746
Of God the Father 1746
The Wrath of God Excellent and Glorious 1746
Ever Hearing and Never Coming 1746
Christ the Apple Tree 1746
Into the Highways and Hedges 1746
Of God the Son 1746
The Holy Spirit the Sum of the Blessings Purchased for Us by Christ 1746
Fish out of Their Element (On the Parable of the Net) 1746
The Duty of Restitution 1746
The People of God Going Forth to War 1746
The Steadfastness of Christ in His Labors and Suffering 1746
True Saints Differ from All the World 1746
The Fall of Antichrist 1746
The Sovereignty of God’s Mercy 1746
The Pursuit of Happiness 1746
The Certainty and Desirableness of Covenant Blessings 1746
Remembering God in His Ways 1746
Gospel Sinners Given up to Hardness and Blindness 1746
Lasciviousness Has a Special Tendency to Eternal Damnation 1746
The Church’s Marriage to Her Sons, and to Her God 1746
When God Blesses, None Can Reverse It 1746
Those Things That Men Choose for Their Gods, God Gives to Them for Their Portion 1746
Dishonoring God in Public Worship 1746
Walking Righteously, Speaking Uprightly 1746
A Life Well-Spent 1746
Rebellion in Israel 1746
God’s People in Danger 1746
God’s Gift of Eternal Life 1746
The Devil Persuades Men They Shall Escape Punishment 1746
Nothing Can Extinguish or Overcome the Saint’s Love for Christ 1746
No Goodness in Praying out of Fear of Misery 1746
The Holy Thing in the Saints 1746
The Wicked Will Hereafter See the Saints Afar Off 1746
Turned from Wrath to Forgiveness 1746
The Sin of Extortion 1747
Showers of the Gospel a Means of Grace 1747
The Weight of God’s Wrath 1747
Youthful Mirth Ends in Sorrow 1747
The Suitableness of Union in Extraordinary Prayer for the Advancement of God’s Church 1747
When the Means of Grace Bear Briars and Thorns 1747
The Work of God in the Heart Not a Whim But a Reality 1747
Christ the Believer’s Home 1747
The Men of Ninevah Shall Judge You 1747
The Queen of the South Shall Rise Up 1747
The Saints, When Their Present State Is Ended, Will Go to Heaven 1747
The Sin of Evil-Speaking 1747
The Golden Oil of Saving Grace 1747
Yield to God’s Word, Or Be Broken by His Hand 1747
Christ a High Rock above the Floods 1747
True Saints Justify the Gospel of Christ 1747
Covenant Breakers Bear Witness against Themselves 1747
Deadful Fear Will Seize the Hearts of the Wicked 1747
The Desire of the Righteous Shall Be Granted 1747
The Holiness of God 1747
God Greatly Engaged in Man’s Redemption 1747
Continuing Unawakened under Divine Chastistements 1747
The Amiableness of Liveliness in Religion 1747
The Hopes and Expectations of Wicked Men Will Perish 1747
Laying up Stores against the Time to Come 1747
Nothing Can Put off Death 1747
True Saints, When Absent from the Body, Are Present with the Lord 1747
The Blessedness of the Saints in Heaven 1747
Sons of Oil, Heavenly Lights 1747
The Eternal Youth of Heaven 1747
Turned from Darkness to Light 1747
Turned from Satan to God 1747
Turned from Alien to an Heir 1747