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An unparalleled research tool

The Logos library is the premier research tool for the 21st century. No other resource puts as much standard academic material for biblical studies at your fingertips. 21st century learners deserve 21st century tools.

Every student needs a permanent, personal digital library

Lectures are where learning begins, but it doesn’t stop there. Classes have reading lists that link directly into a massive digital library; they complement the lecture, add depth, and provide richer perspectives. Self-assessments ensure you've mastered the material and you’re staying on track. Mobile Ed is one of the only distance education programs to be fully integrated with an all-digital library.

Gain access
to trusted resources

The Logos library has all the standard books you’ll find in seminary libraries. There’s no reason to use Wikipedia when you own the real books.

More than ebooks: an ecosystem

Logos resources are much more than simple text documents—every word is a portal, dynamically linked to every other resource in your library.

Search thousands of books and find answers fast

The Logos library has thousands of academic reference works and scholarly books for biblical studies, theology, church history, and ministry. We instantly connect you to the right book, right page, and right paragraph.

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