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Your community classroom

Learning as a group enhances your education. Get more out of your courses by connecting with fellow students. Share notes, highlighted texts, and insights with Logos Mobile Ed’s unique online community.

Learn alongside your
classmates with Faithlife

Faithlife study groups have been created for each course. As part of the Logos Mobile Ed ecosystem, Faithlife connects you with other students and empowers you to share and learn as a cohesive group.

Engaging conversations, compelling dialogue

Logos Mobile Ed levels the playing field for students—everyone is given the same opportunity to add to the conversation and discuss the topics they’re studying. And no one misses anything the professor says—every student has access to the resources, tools, and lectures they need.

Share insights with Community Notes

Make the course notes your own: add highlights, comments, and library links, and then choose which notes you want to share with fellow students. Community Notes enable you to share your thoughts that typically sit dormant in the margins of your books.

Enrich your learning experience with Mobile Ed’s online community

Logos Mobile Ed ties together biblical resources, pastoral tools, top scholars, and a welcoming learning environment to give you the best possible online theological education.

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