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Complete List of Sermons

Title Series Year
Loud and Clear Hebrews 2006
Neglect Hebrews 2006
Gravity Hebrews 2006
Home Hebrews 2006
Fear and Faith Hebrews 2006
He Knows Hebrews 2006
Jesus the High Priest Hebrews 2006
The Good Fear Hebrews 2006
Anchored Hebrews 2006
It Is Fitting Hebrews 2006
Obsolete Hebrews 2006
Ritual Hebrews 2006
Pictures Hebrews 2006
Let Us Hebrews 2006
Faith Hebrews 2006
What Faith Does Hebrews 2006
Tough Love Hebrews 2006
Intentional Living Hebrews 2006
The Sixth Sense Ecclesiastes 2006
Quenched Ecclesiastes 2006
The Gift Ecclesiastes 2006
Ingredients Ecclesiastes 2006
Out of Breath Ecclesiastes 2006
Communal Lessons Ecclesiastes 2006
Approaching the Divine Ecclesiastes 2006
Coffee with Granddaddy Part 1 Ecclesiastes 2006
Coffee with Granddaddy Part 2 Ecclesiastes 2006
Love Interrupts Ecclesiastes 2006
Reconciliation Ecclesiastes 2006
Occupied Territory Ecclesiastes 2006
Daily Contact Ecclesiastes 2006
A Life Lived Well Ecclesiastes 2006
To the Young and the Old Ecclesiastes 2006
What Are Elders? 2006
Remembrance 2006
Hope for Here and There 2006
Celebration Night 2006
Forgetting and Striving 2006
Truth Family Traits 2.0 2007
Missional Living Family Traits 2.0 2007
Christian Spirituality Family Traits 2.0 2007
Foot Washing Family Traits 2.0 2007
Community Family Traits 2.0 2007
Glory Thieves The Cross 2007
A Response to Thievery The Cross 2007
A Second Response to Thievery The Cross 2007
A Vocabulary of the Cross The Cross 2007
Of First Importance The Cross 2007
Standing The Cross 2007
The Question Heart Matters 2007
Some Answers Heart Matters 2007
Treasures Heart Matters 2007
The Talents Heart Matters 2007
Buying the Field Heart Matters 2007
Salt of the Earth Salt and Light 2007
Light from Salt Salt and Light 2007
The Village Church Salt and Light 2007
Defining Masculinity The Role of Men 2007
Men as Husbands The Role of Men 2007
Men as Fathers The Role of Men 2007
Skeptics Welcome Luke 2007
A Righteous Response to Absurd Promises Luke 2007
Only the Lowly Luke 2007
Rebuke to Rejoicing Luke 2007
Sovereign over All Luke 2007
Departing in Peace Luke 2007
The One Necessary Thing Luke 2007
More than Meets the Eye Luke 2007
Superficiality Luke 2007
The Trilogy 2007
Gospel 2007
Village Venture—Part 1 Village Venture 2007
Village Venture—Part 2 Village Venture 2007
Village Venture—Part 3 Village Venture 2007
Village Venture—Part 5 Village Venture 2007
Village Venture—Part 6 Village Venture 2007
Mother’s Day 2007
Father’s Day 2007
Healing and Hope 2007
Freedom vs. Narcissism 2007
Everyone Is a Minister 2007
Christmas 2007
Asking How 2007
Slippery Luke 2008
Temptation 2000 Years Later Luke 2008
Deconstructing Religion Luke 2008
Being Luke 2008
Blessings and Woes Luke 2008
Divine Love Luke 2008
Of Danger and Ditches Luke 2008
Conviction of the Unseen Luke 2008
Hope in Real Life Luke 2008
From Childish to Childlike Luke 2008
Be Careful How You Hear Luke 2008
Perplexed Luke 2008
Visible Imperfections and the Glory of God Luke 2008
The next 30 Years Luke 2008
Ask Luke 2008
The Great Gospel Luke 2008
Bigger Barns Luke 2008
Peace, Division and Fire Luke 2008
Repent or Perish Luke 2008
Small Seeds, Narrow Doors Luke 2008
After the Heart Luke 2008
Two Great Temptations Luke 2008
Deconstruct/Reconstruct Luke 2008
The Steward’s Response Luke 2008
Jesus, the Fulfillment of the Law Luke 2008
Temptations from Within Luke 2008
Anatomy of Rebuke Luke 2008
The Kingdom Luke 2008
What Is Truth? Core Values 2008
What Is Christian Spirituality? Core Values 2008
What Is Community? Core Values 2008
What Is Foot Washing? Core Values 2008
What Is Missional Living? Core Values 2008
Easter 2008
Nine Pastoral Prayers 2008
The Manifold Wisdom of God 2008
Hands and Feet 2008
39 Weeks 2008
2009—Part 1 2008
2009—Part 2 2008
Our Church Heritage The Church 2009
The Church Universal The Church 2009
The Church Local The Church 2009
Eldership The Church 2009
Members The Church 2009
Where Do We Go from Here? The Church 2009
A Jealous God Repentance 2009
Good Guilt Repentance 2009
A Theology of Struggle Repentance 2009
The Call to Mission The Great Cause 2009
The Reason The Great Cause 2009
Our God Saves The Great Cause 2009
Our Corporate Response The Great Cause 2009
Application The Great Cause 2009
Christ Alone Luke 2009
Like a Child Luke 2009
Repentance for the Righteous Luke 2009
Rewards Luke 2009
Good Servants, Wicked Servants & the Enemies of God Luke 2009
Games People Play Part 1 Luke 2009
Games People Play Part 2 Luke 2009
Games People Play Part 3 Luke 2009
The Authoritative Word The Path 2009
A Continuing Ethic The Path 2009
The Art of Remembrance The Path 2009
The Art of Prayer The Path 2009
Gospel Community The Path 2009
A Change in Perspective The Path 2009
Sanctification in Marriage The Path 2009
Generosity The Path 2009
Sabbath The Path 2009
A Little Housekeeping 2009
Distortions and Clarity 2009
A Review and a Little More The Path 2010
The Reign and Rule of God The Path 2010
An Encouraging Beginning Colossians 2010
For Knowledge and Godly Conduct Colossians 2010
The Image of What Is Invisible Colossians 2010
Covenant with the Eternal Son Colossians 2010
The Fullness Was Pleased to Dwell Colossians 2010
From Alienation to Reconciliation Colossians 2010
The Afflictions of Christ Colossians 2010
Stewards of Mystery Colossians 2010
Guarding the Garden Colossians 2010
Identity Colossians 2010
If You Are Raised with Christ Colossians 2010
Grace-Driven Effort Colossians 2010
When Violence Is Okay Colossians 2010
Three Streams Colossians 2010
God’s Gift to Both Sexes Colossians 2010
Parenting—An Awareness of Our Need Colossians 2010
Slavery and the Skeptic Colossians 2010
Devotion to Prayer Colossians 2010
Slowing the Pendulum Swing Colossians 2010
Ultimate Authority and the Suicide of Rebellion Ultimate Authority 2010
Ultimate Authority Revealed Ultimate Authority 2010
Government and Institutions Ultimate Authority 2010
Guiding and Confronting the Mess Ultimate Authority 2010
Disciplining the Disciple Ultimate Authority 2010
Submitting in Gray Areas Ultimate Authority 2010
Authority in the Home Ultimate Authority 2010
Divine Tensions 2010
Service 2010
Celebrating the Gospel 2010
Family Business 2010
What Are We Doing Here? 2010
The Angst of Waiting 2010
The Damage of Silence Habakkuk 2011
God Hears and Responds Habakkuk 2011
The Just Judge Habakkuk 2011
The Limited Potential of Man Habakkuk 2011
External, Internal, Eternal and Unlimited Habakkuk 2011
How the Righteous Roll Habakkuk 2011
Discipline or Wrath? Habakkuk 2011
American Monkeys Habakkuk 2011
Deep Yearning Habakkuk 2011
Remember and Rejoice Habakkuk 2011
A Glimpse of Maturity Habakkuk 2011
Leaving Transitions 2011
Arriving Transitions 2011
Transition Complete Transitions 2011
The Mission of God Village Identity 2011
The Mission of the Church Village Identity 2011
The Mission of the Village Church Village Identity 2011
Gospel-Centered Worship Village Identity 2011
Gospel-Centered Community Village Identity 2011
Gospel-Centered Service Village Identity 2011
Gospel-Centered Multiplication Village Identity 2011
God Saves Village Identity 2011
A Shadow of Significant Realities Village Identity 2011
Unique Yet Part of the Whole Village Identity 2011
Putting It All Together Village Identity 2011
Promises and Patience Advent 2011
Incarnation and Implications Advent 2011
Resurrection and Return Advent 2011
Forgetting and Straining in 2011
Gospel Clarity 2011
Pastoral Prayers—Part 1 2011
Pastoral Prayers—Part 2 2011
Remembering Rightly 2011
Dealing with Doubt 2011
Family Worship: The Good News for All of Us 2011
Substance over Shadows 2011
A Call to Pray Prayer 2012
The Danger and Glory of Diversity Prayer 2012
Here to the Ends of the Earth Prayer 2012
Life Prayer 2012
An Astonishing Trade Galatians 2012
A Former Life Galatians 2012
The Diagnostic and the Cure Galatians 2012
The Gospel and Licentiousness Galatians 2012
Living to God Galatians 2012
A Forgetfulness that Leads to Foolishness Galatians 2012
What Season? Galatians 2012
The Demonic Danger of a Church on Every Corner Galatians 2012
Sons and Slaves Galatians 2012
Motivations (Fear or Love) Galatians 2012
Life in the Spirit Galatians 2012
Gospel-Enabled Community Galatians 2012
Sowing, Reaping, and Gospel Good Galatians 2012
Fig Leaves, Lies, and the Grace of God Galatians 2012
Starting Point Holiness 2012
God’s Godness Holiness 2012
The “How” Matters Holiness 2012
A Holy People Holiness 2012
A New People City on a Hill 2012
The Light of the World City on a Hill 2012
A Superseding Righteousness City on a Hill 2012
A Heart at Peace City on a Hill 2012
Freedom in the Fight City on a Hill 2012
Marriage and Oaths City on a Hill 2012
Revenge and Love City on a Hill 2012
Delightful Discipline City on a Hill 2012
Treasures in Heaven City on a Hill 2012
A History of Darkness and Depravity Advent 2012
Rescue Advent 2012
Forgiveness Advent 2012
New Hearts and Lives Advent 2012
All Things New Advent 2012
Affections Matter 2012
Under the Faucet 2012
A Call to Pray Prayer 2013
Life Prayer 2013
God and Government Prayer 2013
Empathy and Human Flourishing Nehemiah 2013
Rebuilding with Prayer Nehemiah 2013
Rebuilding with Action Nehemiah 2013
Rebuilding with Truth Nehemiah 2013
Rebuilding through Promises Nehemiah 2013
Rebuilding a Day at a Time Nehemiah 2013
What Is the Church? The Dearest Place on Earth 2013
What Is a Covenant? The Dearest Place on Earth 2013
What Is a Member? The Dearest Place on Earth 2013
What Are Elders? The Dearest Place on Earth 2013
What Is Our Mission? The Dearest Place on Earth 2013
How Do We Accomplish This? The Dearest Place on Earth 2013
The Genesis Creation and Fall Recovering Redemption 2013
The Remedy: The Gospel of Jesus Christ Recovering Redemption 2013
The Response of Faith: Repentance Recovering Redemption 2013
The Result: Justification, Adoption, Sanctification Recovering Redemption 2013
Sanctification Recovering Redemption 2013
The Perfect Storm Recovering Redemption 2013
Sanctification: Examining Fear and Anxiety Recovering Redemption 2013
Examining Roots: Renouncing, Rerooting and Asking Recovering Redemption 2013
Biblical Peacemaking I: Reconciling and Amending Recovering Redemption 2013
Biblical Peacemaking II: Confronting and Forgiving Recovering Redemption 2013
Persevering in the Pursuit of Joy Recovering Redemption 2013
Making Much of His Name Recovering Redemption 2013
God Keeps His Big Promises Family Worship Weekend 2013
Jesus Is God Family Worship Weekend 2013
The Promise of a Savior Advent 2013
Tell of His Coming: The Shepherds and Angels Advent 2013
The Promise for All Peoples: The Journey of the Magi Advent 2013
Church Planting Weekend 2013
The Initiating Love of God 2013
The Counterintuitive Life 2013
Church Planters 2013
Sanctity of Life Prayer 2014
Racial Reconciliation Prayer 2014
The Nations Prayer 2014
The Beginning of the Church Acts 2014
The Church Is Born Acts 2014
Ministry in Jerusalem Acts 2014
Reliance Acts 2014
Scattered to Gather Acts 2014
The Gospel Advances Acts 2014
The Nature of the Gospel Acts 2014
The Second Wave Acts 2014
Like a Wildfire Acts 2014
Governors, Kings, Caesar, and Glory Acts 2014
The Role We Play Acts 2014
Implications of the Cross Family Worship Weekend 2014
Eyes to See Grace Made Visible 2014
The Generosity of God Grace Made Visible 2014
Madness Grace Made Visible 2014
Stewardship Grace Made Visible 2014
Gifted and Talented Grace Made Visible 2014
Eccentric and Faithful Grace Made Visible 2014
In the Beginning A Beautiful Design 2014
In His Image A Beautiful Design 2014
Man’s Purpose A Beautiful Design 2014
Man’s Redemption A Beautiful Design 2014
Incomplete A Beautiful Design 2014
Woman’s Purpose A Beautiful Design 2014
Woman’s Hurdles A Beautiful Design 2014
Woman’s Redemption A Beautiful Design 2014
Together for the Gospel A Beautiful Design 2014
Deliverer Advent 2014
Glorious Advent 2014
Worthy Advent 2014
The King Is Coming Advent 2014
Implications of the Resurrection 2014
Motivations for Obedience 2014
Racial Reconciliation Prayer 2015
The Sanctity of Life Prayer 2015
Brother / Servant James 2015
Trials / Temptations James 2015
Judgment / Mercy James 2015
Faith / Works James 2015
Blessings / Curses James 2015
False Wisdom / True Wisdom James 2015
Worldliness / Godliness James 2015
Arrogance / Humility James 2015
Oppressor / Laborer James 2015
Suffering / Comfort James 2015
Faithful / Faithless James 2015
Wanderer / Restorer James 2015
I Believe In The Apostles’ Creed 2015
God the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth The Apostles’ Creed 2015
And in Jesus Christ, His Only Son, Our Lord The Apostles’ Creed 2015
Who Was Conceived by the Holy Spirit, Born of the Virgin Mary The Apostles’ Creed 2015
Suffered under Pontius Pilate; Was Crucified, Dead, and Buried The Apostles’ Creed 2015
He Descended to Hell, the Third Day He Rose Again from the Dead The Apostles’ Creed 2015
He Ascended to Heaven and Sits at the Right Hand of the Father Almighty The Apostles’ Creed 2015
I Believe in the Holy Spirit The Apostles’ Creed 2015
The Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints The Apostles’ Creed 2015
The Forgiveness of Sins The Apostles’ Creed 2015
The Resurrection of the Body and the Life Everlasting The Apostles’ Creed 2015
Amen The Apostles’ Creed 2015
The Refining Love of God Advent 2015
God’s Protection and Delight Advent 2015
The Peace Jesus Brings Advent 2015
Ordinances 2015
The Ebb and Flow of Gospel Multiplication 2015