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Looking to install the Logos 8 desktop software?


Dig deeper with the best Bible software for Mac.

Logos Bible Software puts the world’s finest Bible study tools on your Mac. Its massive libraries, smart searches, and powerful original language features give you the best Bible study experience on the planet. Logos saves you research time, shelf space, and thousands of dollars–it even cites your sources for you.

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Logos MAC


Kick-start your library with a base package to enjoy these powerful Bible study tools and more on your Mac. See the complete list of features here.

  • Home Page
  • Smart Searches
  • Passage Guide
  • Bible Word Study
  • Original Languages
  • Notes & Highlights
  • Resources
  • Automatic Citations

    Each day you’ll receive new suggestions, including devotionals, Bible passages, Bible dictionary articles, illustrations, and links to the Logos blog.

  • Searches thousands of books in seconds. Searching for “holiness” turns up more than 100,000 hits; it also pulls up results for similar terms, such as “holy.”


    Enter a verse, paragraph, or chapter in the Passage Guide, and it brings back commentaries, cross-references, images, maps, handouts, topics, sermon helps, and more.


    Select any word in the Bible, and Bible Word Study shows you how the word is translated, how it functions, and where it’s used in other ancient literature.


    Dig into any passage's original languages. Enter a Scripture reference and the Exegetical Guide will break the passage down word by word in Greek or Hebrew.


    Mark your books with notes and highlights, save your favorite passages and quotes with Clippings, and share your notes with Faithlife groups.


    Logos puts hundreds of books on your Mac, so you won’t have to pack up and move them next time you change offices.


    Build sermons and write papers with ease! When you copy and paste from Logos, it automatically cites the source in your preferred format.

Start digging deeper with a base package!

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