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100 Top Features in Logos Bible Software 3

Please note: This page is not currently being maintained. It is an archive of old information related to the discontinued Logos Bible Software 3.0/Libronix engine.

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Please Note: Some new features and enhancements may apply to addins you don't yet own; to get the greatest number of enhancements, visit and upgrade to the largest collection you can! For a shorter, more detailed list of top new features (with links to video demos!) see: Top 20 New Features in Logos 3.

  1. Bible Speed Search
    Lightning-fast search locates every instance of a word or phrase in the Bible as you type it. When you just want to find a word or phrase in a Bible (whether English, Greek, Hebrew or another language), Bible Speed Search is the tool to use.
  2. Bible Word Study Report
    This incredibly useful report provides a word's definition, dictionary entries, root words, and concordance displaying every use of the word within the Bible. Also pulls in relevant information from reverse interlinears and syntactically tagged resources you may own. The perfect tool for studying words used in the Bible and better understanding specific usage and context!
  3. Biblical People Addin
    This new Automation Addin Module maps relationships between people in the Bible. It is difficult to keep the names and lineage of biblical people straight. With the Biblical People tool, you can easily recognize important family, disciple, and even servant-master relationships. Biblical People relationship diagrams can be saved as images as well, for easy export into documents and printing for handouts.
  4. Exegetical Guide Completely Rewritten
    The newly-designed Exegetical Guide combines word study and exegetical study tools into a complete report that will jump-start your exegesis of a specific passage. Providing syntax visualizations, grammar references, and much more, the Exegetical Guide compiles an exhaustive report of lexical and syntactic information that is incredibly valuable as you dig deeper into the biblical text.
  5. Find-As-You-Type Feature
    Click Edit | Find (or hit Ctrl-F) when in a resource to open the Find bar which finds as you type. Includes Find Next and Find Previous buttons. Provides a way to instantly jump to the next occurrence of a phrase or word within an open resource.
  6. Favorites Menu 
    Now an unlimited number of favorite resources can be saved and organized from the toolbar menu, just like in a web browser, and referenced quickly for repeated use.
  7. History Feature
    Global history (Go | History) records your path as you open books in the Libronix Digital Library, then displays your browsing history as a tree. This makes it easy to revisit one of the branches your study took earlier in your session. You can also use the feature to trace Scripture links throughout the Bible by navigating through cross-referenced verses to create a visual picture of how different scriptures relate to one another.  
  8. Syntax Search
    The powerful Syntax Search dialog lets you search for words, phrases, clauses, and more within syntactically analyzed Greek and Hebrew texts.
  9. Lectionary Addin
    Lectionary Addin keeps you on track with the church calendar. A snapshot view of the Lectionary Viewer appears on the homepage, allowing you to quickly view the current Lectionary Calendar position and Scriptures each week.
  10. Remote Library Search Addin
    This tool exposes over 50 different library catalogs' data using the Z39.50 protocol. This allows users to search for any book and find bibliographical information, MARC records, and even find out whether a local college or seminary owns the specific title.
  11. Passage Guide Searches for Sermon Illustrations
    Passage Guide now looks through your books of sermon illustrations to find any that relate topically to your passage. Illustrations are included in Topics section of Passage Guide report. A great time-saver for pastors or teachers who want to spice up their sermons with relevant and memorable illustrations!
  12. Vocabulary Lists & Flash Cards
    The new Vocabulary List feature makes it easy to build a vocabulary list based on a Bible passage or an existing word list, then print the vocab list as flash cards for drilling. Vocabulary lists can be edited; glosses automatically inserted; and words can be sorted by frequency, alphabetically, or manually. As you study a biblical passage, you can add unfamiliar words to your vocabulary list for later practice. This is the perfect tool for building your vocabulary in Greek, Hebrew, or Syriac! 
  13. Bible Chooser Added
    Every selector that lets you choose a Bible version (for searches, reports, etc.) now provides matches as you type the Bible's title or abbreviation. This new feature makes it a snap to choose the Bible you want, even if your library contains dozens of versions.
  14. Highlighting and Marking Options Greatly Expanded 
    We've gone far beyond simple highlighting and now enable you to mark up resources within Logos Bible Software almost as much as you can mark up your print books! And our new markup styles look as good as what you could do with a pen or marker. Now you can highlight, underline, emphasize, and add arrows or symbols to your electronic resources! 
  15. Sentence Diagramming Addin Supports Columns
    Diagrammer now supports inserting text in columns (for sentence phrasing). Being able to view multiple columns in sentence diagrams makes it easy to work with passages side by side and do sentence blocking on parallel passages.
  16. Sentence Diagrams Catalogued by Bible Passage & Integrated with Passage Guide 
    Sentence Diagrams now remember the Bible passages that have been inserted, and appear under the Sentence Diagrams section of the Passage Guide accordingly. This means sentence diagrams are now catalogued according to the relevant passages they contain; if you've worked through a passage before, your diagram will show up in Passage Guide automatically.
  17. Synchronize Licenses Tool
    The online synchronization tool (Tools | Library Management | Synchronize Licenses) makes it easy to update your licenses with Logos' customer database after reformatting your hard drive or when buying a new computer. If you lose your backup files or just want to make sure your licenses are up-to-date, it's only a click away.
  18. Search Analysis Reports
    Provides links to instantly generate analytical reports from search results. Relevant search analysis links appear in Other Tools box within search results window and may include Concordance, Search Analysis by Lemma, Search Analysis by Strong's, etc.
  19. Important Words Identified in Passage Guide 
    A new "Important Words" section was added to Passage Guide. The most significant words in your selected passage are emphasized in the Important Words section so you can spot them as you begin your study and study them further using tools such as Bible Word Study.  
  20. Logos Keyboards for Typing Biblical Languages
    New keyboards layouts were created especially for Logos Bible Software, making it quicker and more intuitive to type characters and accents for Greek, Hebrew, and Syriac.
  21. Bible Search Results Display Optimized
    The results of a Bible search are displayed more quickly. This speed enhancement makes it quicker to view the results of a Bible Search.
  22. Sentence Diagram Export Options Added
    Sentence diagrammer can export diagrams in PDF and standard image formats using File | Export menu item. Exporting sentence diagrams to PDF makes it easy to quickly create handouts of your diagrams or print class notes on a particular diagram. It also makes your Sentence Diagrams portable, so you can send your work to someone who does not have Logos Bible Software (and brag about what a great tool you used to make them!)
  23. Verse List Document Type 
    The new document type (File | New… | Verse List) replaces the Verse List report. Verse lists now function as Libronix documents, which means they are more portable and easier to open through the document menu.
  24. Exegetical Guide Searches Your Grammars
    New Grammar Search section in Exegetical Guide increases the depth of your exegesis by alerting you to important discussions of your specific passage within the grammars you own. This helps you explore the grammatical features and structure of your passage, an important step in exegesis.
  25. Exegetical Guide Searches Your Apparatuses
    The Exegetical Guide now pulls information from any critical apparatuses you may own, providing you with detailed text-critical notes that give added insight into how and why the text is translated as it is today.
  26. Report Optimizations
    Speed improvements reduced loading time for Bible Search and Copy Bible Verses dialogs, Passage In All Versions report .
  27. Application Load Time Reduced
    Load time of the application has been reduced, making it more convenient to start up Libronix for quick tasks.
  28. Undo/Redo for Annotations Added 
    Notes now support undo/redo for all changes, including content, title, color, order, add new note, delete existing note, etc. This makes the behavior of note files more consistent with your familiar word processing software.
  29. Tools Reorganized for Enhanced Ease of Use
    New and existing items in the Tools menu have been grouped into more logical submenus by function. The most common reports—Exegetical Guide, Passage Guide, Bible Word Study, and Bible Speed Search—now appear as icons on the toolbar. These changes make it faster to find and launch the report you need.
  30. Sort Annotations Canonically
    Annotations within a note file can now be sorted by reference (i.e., in canonical order) or position in the resource. The ability to sort canonically is helpful when making verse-by-verse notes or comments on Scripture.
  31. Graeca/Hebraica conversion tool for Microsoft Word
    This tool converts 8-bit fonts in Microsoft Word into Unicode fonts. If you have Word documents with older Graeca/Hebraica fonts, you can use this tool to update them to Unicode fonts and ensure that you'll be able to view your files in the future.
  32. Information Window Provides Concise Lemma Lookup
    When using the Information Window with Bibles encoded with Greek or Hebrew, a concise resource is used to provide the lemma (rather than the first KeyLink option specified for that language). This makes the Information Window less cluttered and easier to read at a glance.
  33. Information Window Made Stackable
    The Information Window can now appear as either a stackable report window or a floating window (configured via Tools | Options | General | Interface | Use Floating Information Window). This makes the window more manageable by providing either flexible or fixed placement on your screen. It also grants you greater control in customizing workspaces and organizing every window just the way you like it.
  34. Integrated "Glossary of Morpho-Syntactic Database Terminology"
    When working with syntax resources and morphological searches, you can now hover the mouse over terminology or parts of speech labels to see them defined. This makes it easier for someone new to the terminology of syntax and morphology to work with these resources.
  35. Hidden Resources Option
    A new Hidden Resources option has been added to the Options dialog (Tools | Options | General), allowing you to hide books you don't use. Sometimes a library can grow so large that it's hard to see what you actually have available. The Hidden Resources option lets you hide resources that you have but probably won't ever use, to help you reduce clutter and focus on the resources that are most important to you.
  36. Weights and Measures Report Redesigned
    The Weights and Measurements report has been expanded to give you a number of different measurement units. This report makes it easy to convert biblical measurements into modern units, either with its conversion feature in the report window or directly from an open resource.
  37. Active Bible Reference Visual Filter
    With the filter enabled (View | Visual Filters... | Active Bible Reference), all references to currently active Bible references in Bible windows and reports will be highlighted. For Example: * Set Active Bible Reference as a visual filter for All Resources. * For best results, make sure you have a few Pericope Sets enabled in Tools | Options Bible Tools... | Pericope Sets. * Open a Bible to John 11:1. * Open a Bible dictionary to the entry on Lazarus. With the ESV Pericope set enabled, all of the references in the Lazarus entry that intersect John 11:1-16 will be highlighted. This tool makes it quicker to locate information in any open resource dealing with the verse you're studying.
  38. Save Reports & Search Results as Favorites
    Favorites and Bookmarks now work with most report windows and search results, making it easy to re-run frequently-used reports or searches in a flash!
  39. Diagramming Shapes Added
    Four new shapes—top, bottom, left, and right arcs—have been added to the Sentence Diagramming Addin palette. New arcing figures are designed to support more recent exegetical guides on diagramming, giving the user a broader palette of shapes to work with and serving a wider range of diagramming scenarios.
  40. Resource Markup Can Be Applied to Sentence Diagrams
    You can now highlight words or accent parts of speech within a sentence diagram, making it easier to emphasize features of the diagram. 
  41. Bible Reading Plan Has "Export To Outlook" Feature
    Everyone uses a calendar for scheduling, so why not include your daily Bible reading in your Outlook calendar? This feature helps you carve out time for daily study by putting it on your schedule next to your other appointments.
  42. Parallel Bible Versions Has "Export To Sentence Diagram" Feature
    The Parallel Bible Versions report and Sentence Diagramming Addin now work together to help you compare Bible versions side-by-side, then import the parallel text into a sentence diagram with wrapping columns. This makes it convenient to study and annotate differences in syntax between the Bible versions.
  43. Visual Markup on Sentence Diagrams is Printable
    The Sentence Diagrammer is now the perfect tool for creating class handouts, saving printed copies of your diagrams, or sharing diagrams with others who do not own Logos Bible Software.
  44. Improved Search Speed
    Speed enhancement cuts down time spent waiting for search results.
  45. "Quick Launch" Section on Logos Bible Software Homepage
    Start Libronix, then get back to work on a recent workspace or document with one click!
  46. Copy Bible Verses Supports Copy & Paste for users can now use the Copy Bible Verses tool to paste text with custom styles and formatting into OOo.
  47. Verb River Maps Combinations of Attributes
    Verb River now supports combinations of attributes in a single graph, such as "Person, Number". This expands exponentially the number of options you have for using Verb River, making the tool far more useful in analyzing patterns across sections of Scripture.
  48. Expiring License Report
    This report (System Tools | Expiring Licenses) shows any licenses that will expire soon, helping you know in advance when it's time to renew. Only a few resources such as Personal Book Builder have an expiring license.
  49. More Options for Controlling Information Window Content
    New options have been added to Tools | Options | Bible Tools | Preferred Books for specifying which resource Information Window uses to supply glosses (brief definitions), and whether Information Window shows glosses and frequencies for lemmas. This feature allows the user a greater degree of customization.
  50. Tip Windows Launch Faster
    Speed enhancement causes tip windows to display more quickly when hovering the mouse over hidden information or links in a resource (morphological tags or Bible references, for example).
  51. Account Summary Shows Unlocked Products
    The report (found at Tools | Library Management | Account Summary) now shows all licenses, whether for a shippable product activated by serial number or a web unlock. This complete listing of all activated and unlocked resources is a great way for you to keep track of all the resources you've purchased.
  52. Go Buttons Added to Toolbars
    The buttons , found in both reports and resources, are used to execute searches and reports or jump a resource to the reference you entered. The 'Enter' key still works, too.
  53. Keyboard Layout Preference in Options
    New drop-down selector available at Tools | Options | General | Interface lets you specify a preference for LLS keyboards, the newer Logos keyboards, or Windows keyboards for typing Hebrew, Greek, or Syriac.
  54. Account Management Tool Completely Rewritten
    Redesigned Account Management dialog (Tools | Account Management) streamlines account verification and license synchronization so that users are always up-to-date.
  55. Note Files Better Indexed to Resource Positions
    Annotations now use a more robust mechanism to remember where in a resource they should be positioned, which mean notes on a specific word or passage are more likely to persist even when a resource is upgraded or the text is slightly modified. Makes note files more reliable and less likely to require user maintenance in the future.
  56. Grouping of Bibles that Share Surface Text
    Many reports now group together as one item Bibles that share the same surface text (e.g., NA27 and NA27 Interlinear). Results are more concise with less duplicated information, making it easier to see what you are looking for. Resources can still be opened and viewed individually.
  57. Passage Guide Includes Literary Typing
    Literary typing resources you may own are now included in Passage Guide report. These resources help identify the genre or literary type of a passage, which is a fundamental step in careful exegesis.
  58. Logos Uses Windows Colors
    Logos Bible Software uses Windows colours if the "Windows" interface style is selected. The user interface will mirror your computer's appearance settings, reflecting your system-wide window color preferences.
  59. Repeat Searches Launch Faster
    Searching threads are cached for improved search initialization time on the second (and subsequent) searches. This makes it much quicker to run successive searches of the same time.
  60. Markup Commands Available on Custom Toolbars
    “Apply (Markup)” and “Remove Markup” commands can be added to custom toolbars and hotkeys, making it even more convenient to apply frequently-used markup to resources.
  61. Copy Verse Commands Available on Custom Toolbars
    "Copy Current Verse to Clipboard" and "Copy Current Verse to Word Processor" commands can now be added to custom toolbars and hotkeys, allowing you to instantly copy the active Bible verse to another application.
  62. Bible Reading Plan Visual Filter
    This improved visual filter marks the scheduled readings from one or more Bible Reading Plan documents by inserting text noting the beginning and end of each reading into the Bible resource window. Replaces the Current Bible Reading(s) visual filter.
  63. Bible Reading Plan Speed Enhancement
    Bible Reading Plan documents have been optimized for speed.
  64. Sentence Diagrammer Shape Groupings Easier to Manipulate
    Enhanced shape grouping in Sentence Diagramming Addin are easier to manipulate, as connected shapes now stay together when one shape is moved. Hold down the Shift key to select and drag individual shapes, or click once on the connection between shapes to separate them.
  65. Table of Contents Optimized in "About Resource"
    Increased speed of Table of Contents generation in About Resource report (Help | About This Resource), making this helpful report appear much more quickly.
  66. Offline Error Reporting
    Libronix DLS saves any error reports generated when you're offline and prompts you to submit them when you connect to the Internet, ensuring that a greater percentage of reports reach Libronix Corporation and can be used to further enhance the software.
  67. Previous/Next Markup Commands
    Added Previous/Next Markup commands to resource window toolbars (black triangle next to Up or Down arrow). This enables you to jump to the next markup in a resource, which is a key aspect of some markup schemes.
  68. Search for Foreign Words in Bibles with GRAMCORD™ Morphology
    Added “Foreign Word” checkbox to the GRAMCORD™ morphological tag selector. This makes it a simple matter to locate a foreign word (e.g., Aramaic) which has been transcribed into Greek characters, but is linguistically not Greek. Due to its foreign status, such a word cannot be parsed correctly with Greek categories.
  69. Suggested Pericopes Load Faster
    When entering a Bible reference (e.g., in the Study Passage box on the home page) the list of suggested pericopes is generated more rapidly, making it quicker to launch your search or report.
  70. Export Auto-Lookup Results to Verse List
    After scanning a resource for Bible references, Auto-Lookup report can now export the results to the new Verse List document. Exporting verses from the Auto-Lookup report allows you to group and sort referenced verses in a verse list for use in searches or other documents.
  71. Information Window Speed Optimized
    Display speed of the information window has been improved, so it refreshes more quickly as you hover the mouse pointer over words in a resource.
  72. Document Export Speed Optimized
    Makes it quicker to export documents to other formats.
  73. Graph Bible Search Results Enhanced Styles
    The report has been updated with a new look and new styles.
  74. Libronix Update Analyzes System Faster
    The "analyzing system" phase of Libronix Update is faster, cutting down the time it takes to install new software or update to the latest version. 
  75. Sentence Diagramming Commands Available on Custom Toolbars
    Sentence Diagrammer commands can now be added to custom toolbars and keyboard shortcuts, giving you more ways to access often-used commands. 
  76. DIN 1505 (German) Citation Style Supported
    The DIN 1505 (German) citation style has been added alongside the other styles such as APA, Chicago Manual, MLA, etc., helping ease the burden of bibliography preparation for users who require this format.
  77. Syriac Keyboard Added
    The Logos keyboard layouts now includes a Syriac keyboard, available from the Libronix Keyboard Selector icon in the Windows taskbar. You can now use a custom-designed Syriac keyboard to type Syriac throughout the application, as you would Hebrew or Greek.
  78. Some Reports Offer "More" Link
    Sections on some reports (e.g., Commentaries section of Passage Guide) will limit their initial results to ten resources, with a "More" link to retrieve the rest. This minimizes the time it takes to generate reports, while giving you the option to display a longer list of search hits if you choose. The best results are displayed first, so you can quickly move into your studies, or continue the search in greater depth.
  79. Number of Link Sets Doubled
    Added Window Link Sets D, E, & F, giving you three more link sets to use when linking resources and reports to scroll synchronously. Additional link sets allow you expand your workspace and set up more link configurations, rather than being limited to just 3 link sets.
  80. Libronix DLS Shipped as Unicode Application
    Libronix is installed as a Unicode application for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, which enables advanced language and keyboard support. As a Unicode application, Logos Bible Software uses text and symbols that are compliant to this international standard, even in places like window title bars.
  81. Topic Browser Ignores Case
    Topic Browser now ignores case differences when listing topics, making the results list more manageable. For example, "Love" and "love" are now listed as a single topic.
  82. Expiring Licenses Tip
    An expiring licenses pop-up alert appears when a license will expire soon. Now you can stay on top of your licenses, making sure you are always up to date and aware of any license renewals needed.
  83. Regenerate Word Find Puzzles
    The Word Find puzzle report (part of the Bible Puzzles Addin) now has a regenerate button, which instantly rebuilds the puzzle so you can choose new arrangements of the same passage.
  84. Dialog Load Times Optimized
    Improved the load times for many dialogs, speeding up the application slightly in many places.
  85. Check All and Clear All for Customizing Devotions on Homepage
    Check All and Clear All links were added to the edit view for the devotions section on the Logos Bible Software home page, speeding up this task slightly.
  86. Resource Markup Toggle Available on Custom Toolbars
    “Toggle Resource Markup Chooser” command can now be added to a custom toolbar (in the “View” category) or keyboard shortcut. This makes it possible to toggle between different Visual Markup tools from the application toolbar or a keyboard shortcut, boosting the convenience of this tool.
  87. Reports Remember Their Zoom Settings
    Reports now remember any zoom settings that have been applied to them. If you like to have a specific report zoomed in or out, Libronix will remember your settings and apply them each time you open the report.
  88. Print or Export Word Lists
    Word List documents (used within Graphical Queries and elsewhere) can now be printed or exported.
  89. Color Words in Sentence Diagrams by Part of Speech
    When you insert a passage into a sentence diagram, you can choose to have the words colored by part of speech. This visual markup can help the student gain confidence in diagramming sentences.
  90. Hear Pronunciation of Greek Words from within Reports 
    If you have the Greek Pronunciation Addin, you can now hear pronunciations from the Bible Word Study and the Exegetical Guide by clicking on the Pronounce icons that appear after Greek lemmas. This is a great way to be confident that you're pronouncing a Greek word correctly.
  91. Reports Given New Navigational Features
    Reports that navigate by Bible passage (e.g., Exegetical Guide) now support pericopes in the Passage box, "Active Passages" under the black triangle next to the Go button, Previous/Next navigation, Back/Forward history, and window linking. This offers better synchronization between your reports and your Bible text, as well as new search and navigation options.
  92. Specify the Order of Pericopes in Compare Pericopes Report
    Compare Pericopes Properties now allows pericope sets to be reordered, letting you control not only which pericope sets appear in the report but also the order in which they appear.
  93. Report Settings Moved to Toolbar
    Report settings have been moved onto the toolbar and are opened by clicking the Properties button. Changing settings of a particular report is quicker than ever. The Properties button pops up a dialog that allows you to quickly make changes to the active report, then close the dialog until it's needed again.
  94. Auto-Lookup From Context Menu
    The Auto-Lookup report is now available from the right-click menu, making it convenient to select some text in a resource and look up all references within that text.
  95. KeyLink Summary Report
    This report (available from the right-click menu in a resource or from Tools | Research Tools) generates a list of links to every resource having an entry for the word or reference selected. Instead of returning only the first preferred KeyLink resource, the KeyLink summary returns a comprehensive listing of references so you can choose to open (or preview in place) the resources you desire.  
  96. Smart Text Entry Boxes
    Reports and dialogs now use smart text entry boxes that suggest a match as you type. Using the latest technology makes it quicker to specify what you're looking for and get results.
  97. Data Type Comparison Optimized
    Improved the speed of data type comparison to speed up certain functions within the application.
  98. Data Type Management Speed Optimized
    The Data Type Manager initialization speed has been  greatly reduced (by caching the data loaded the previous time), speeding up certain functions within the application. 
  99. Free, Online Video Tutorials
    With the launch of Logos Bible Software 3, we now offer dozens of helpful video tutorials online at no charge!
  100. Enhanced Help Files
    The help files within Logos Bible Software have been revised and extended in length and detail. Hit the F1 key (or click a Help button) anywhere in the program to get the help you need when you need it! 

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