Get the free update to Logos 7 to ensure your security and maintain the full functionality of your Logos desktop app.

We are making an important security update that will protect your data and comply with current regulations regarding Transport Layer Security (TLS). After we make the security update, Logos 6 or earlier versions will go into offline mode, leading to very limited software functionality. To maintain the full functionality of your Logos software and ensure your security, get the free update to Logos 7 by adding Logos 7 Basic to your account now. (Don't worry, you'll keep all of your current books and features.)

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Why are you making this update?

We are deploying this security update to adhere to regulatory guidelines and industry best practices. This change will enforce TLS 1.2 on Logos servers. You can Learn more about TLS 1.2 and how others are adopting it here:

What will change when I update?

You will be updated to the most recent release of Logos. Depending on what version you are updating from, you may find that the update adds new functionality and content to your Logos software.

Will I lose any content or functionality?

No, you will not lose any content, and your update may actually provide new functionality and content for you.

What will happen if I don’t update?

If you are still using Logos 4, 5, or 6 on December 10, 2018, your software will have limited functionality and will only work in an unsupported, offline mode. In offline mode, you are not able to:

  • Log in to the application after you sign out
  • Download new content (free or purchased) to your software
  • Sync your documents and settings with other devices, such as your tablet or smartphone
  • Use features that require being online, like Community Notes and Popular Highlights.
  • View content pushed to your Home Page from Logos
To ensure unlimited access to your software’s full functionality, get the free update to Logos 7.

Do I need to purchase anything to maintain access to my software?

No. You can update to Logos 7 for free. Purchasing and installing a Logos 8 upgrade will also provide the appropriate updates, but this is not required.

I currently have Logos 7. Do I need to do anything?

It depends. Although most Logos 7 users are up to date, your software’s functionality may be impacted by this security update depending on your operating system. We recommend that all Logos 7 users update their software now. To update, type “update now” (without quotes) into the command bar. Learn more about manually updating Logos 7.

I am a Faithlife Connect subscriber. Does this security update affect me?

If you are a Connect subscriber and have the Logos desktop software installed on your computer, security updates are already pushed to you automatically, unless you have turned off automatic updates. To ensure you have the most recent version installed, just type “update now” (without quotes) into the command bar.

My computer does not meet the requirements to run Logos 7, what should I do?

You will need to upgrade your computer to Windows 7 SP1 or Mac OS 10.11. Or, you can access Logos through your browser by using the web app and mobile apps.

Does this affect the Logos mobile apps?

No, Logos mobile apps are not impacted by this update. However, if you are still using Logos 4, 5, or 6 after we make the security update, your desktop software will no longer sync with your mobile apps.