Business Hours

Monday – Saturday
6 AM – 6 PM PDT
Local: 3:06 AM
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Contributing Editor


Faithlife is seeking contributing editors to provide contract work for our Mobile Education department. Since this is a contract position, you can take on as much work as you’d like.

The ideal candidate

  • Loves grammar
  • Is succinct
  • Has stopped reading poorly edited books
  • Is professional when correcting someone else’s writing
  • Prefers simple over complex writing
  • Enjoys editing something due in one hour
  • Finds writing style guides amusing
  • Finds the Chicago Manual of Style fascinating
  • Has two years of Biblical Hebrew course work
  • Has two years of Koine or Classical Greek course work
  • Is in a graduate level program in Biblical or Theological Studies or has completed one

Job Duties Include

  • Fact checking content for Mobile Ed.
  • Helping to enhance courses for Mobile Ed.
  • Assisting with the curation of Bible related content into Mobile Ed. resources

Please send a résume, cover letter, and two 500-word-or-less writing samples to