Introducing the New Logos Mobile App

When you’re reading Scripture, sometimes you want a clean, undistracted look at God’s Word.

Other times, you need to go a level deeper: glance at a commentary, do a word study, compare biblical passages, or even dig into the Greek or Hebrew.

Now you can do either—or both—right on your phone or tablet.

Introducing the newest version of the Logos mobile app. It’s been completely refreshed to make it simple to go as deep as you want, whenever you want.

Get it now for iOS or get it in the Android store.

Whether you need to answer a question on the fly during small group or are squeezing in some personal study on your lunch break, the intuitive new interface makes switching between distraction-free Bible reading and in-depth Bible study faster and easier than ever.

Here’s what’s new.

Organize your reading with new tabbed browsing

It’s easy to switch between Bibles, commentaries, or even Passage Guide reports with new tabbed browsing. Just tap the tab icon in the main nav to effortlessly switch between all your open resources.

Want to open another book? Easy: just tap the plus sign.

Drag the tabs around to organize.

Need to take a peek at a commentary? Link it to your Bible and they’ll scroll in sync. Every time you open it, it’s automatically on the right page. Same goes for your Greek and Hebrew Bibles.

Tabbed browsing isn’t limited to books. Open a report from the Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, Bible Word Study, or other guide or tool. They’ll all live inside a tab, giving you instant access.

And if you want to keep two resources front and center, just split a tab.

Tabs are also a great way to organize your ongoing reading or study. Link your English, Greek, and Hebrew Bibles together so you can quickly reference the original languages every time you open the app.  Just swipe between them.

Keep another tab open with your favorite dictionary or encyclopedia. And if you’re reading through a specific resource, just keep it open in a tab. Your place is saved automatically. No more reloading a resource or re-navigating to a previous page.

Focus on the Word

The Bible is the core of the Logos mobile app experience. That’s why the new design does away with clutter. Open your Bible and when you scroll, the bottom nav subtly disappears so you can focus on Scripture. Scroll up and the nav reappears, giving you quick access to the tools you need to dig deeper.

We’ve reimagined the main nav to give you easy access the home page, your library, your Bible, or a menu of other Logos tools, all in a tap.

Print meets digital

Let’s be honest: how many of us take the time to look up biblical references when they’re mentioned in a print book? It’s illuminating to do it, but it’s also time consuming, breaking the flow of our reading. With the new Reference Scanner in the Logos app, looking up those passages is as simple as snapping a picture. Logos scans the page and pulls up every biblical reference in seconds.

Whether you want a simple, uncluttered look at the Word or do in-depth, powerful Bible study, you can now do it all right inside the mobile app. Try it for yourself right now for free.

Get it for iOS.

Get it for Android.

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Written by Logos Staff