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I remember writing exegetical papers before I used Logos. My desk sagged under the weight of bulky commentaries. My notes were scattered across legal pads and word processor documents. I was constantly flipping between my Nestle-Aland, Biblia Hebraica, and English translations and commentaries.

Now I can access hundreds of commentaries on my computer with just a few keystrokes—and all my notes and highlights are clean and organized. But that’s not the half of it. In Logos, my commentaries are crazy powerful.

In this video, I walk you through everything you didn’t know your commentaries could do in Logos. Along the way, I’ll show you some fascinating insights into Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew 1.


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Get the best commentaries out there

Whether you’re writing sermons, exegetical papers, course curriculum, or just studying for your personal edification, there are certain commentaries you simply cannot go without. And Logos has them.

  • NICOT and NICNT: The New International Commentary series combines top-notch critical scholarship with a commitment to the Bible as the infallible Word of God. It’s the quintessence of savvy, evangelical exegesis—perfect for pastors, professors, and seminary students. It includes volumes from the heavyweights of evangelical scholarship, too—Bruce Waltke, Tremper Longman, Leon Morris, F.F. Bruce, Doug Moo, Gordon Fee, Robert Mounce, I. Howard Marshall, and more.
  • BECNT: If NICOT and NICNT is on the technical side, the Baker Evangelical Commentary on the New Testament sits somewhere in the comfortable middle. It has the detailed exegesis of other technical commentaries, but also plenty for the pastor seeking practical application for Sunday’s sermon. Darrell Bock, Thomas Schreiner, David Garland, Doug Moo, Robert Yarbrough, and Moises Silva are among the contributors.
  • Word Biblical Commentary: The Word Biblical Commentary (WBC) approaches the text from the framework of biblical theology. With WBC you can understand the theology of biblical writers and books, track the development of theological themes throughout Scripture, and trace the Bible’s overarching narrative—all with the help of James D.G. Dunn, Ralph P. Martin, William Mounce, Richard Bauckham, and other top scholars.

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You can use commentaries with any Logos base package, but Logos 6 Gold gives you a great head start. It’s packed with over 130 commentaries, not to mention all of Logos’ powerful tools and features. Get the base package that’s right for you!

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Written by Todd Bishop