How to Nab All Logos 10 Features (& No New Library)

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People love the features inside Logos 10.

I love the ability to import decades’ worth of Microsoft Word sermon notes into Logos 10, making sermon series’ planning and searching past sermons a breeze.
—Richard W.

Add to Print Library may be the best new feature in years.
—Justin G. 

Since Logos 9, I started my bilingual library by acquiring one book at a time, hoping to improve my reading, but at the same time, learning about the Scriptures. Now with Logos 10, I can read in my native language when I don’t have plenty of time, or keep practicing my English if I have the time. There are no more boundaries with the translator. ¡Love it!
—Kelly P.

If you want those features for yourself, you can get them, plus a new library with a complete upgrade. (Logos 10 packages from Starter to Collector’s.) But what if you’re happy with your books and only want the new features?

A feature upgrade is your best fit. Here’s how they work:

  1. You upgrade your software with new features, but not a new library.
  2. You upgrade at a custom price that ensures you pay only for features new to you. (This can lower your price significantly.)

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3 reasons to get a feature upgrade

1. You want to make the most of the library you already have

You might already have thousands of pages of insights just waiting to be let out. Logos 10’s features (especially the new Print Library Catalog) help to release those insights so you can understand the Bible even better.

2. You only want certain features

Since there are four levels of feature upgrades, you can choose to add the ones most important to you. The Starter Feature Upgrade includes faster speed, easier navigation with the redesigned vertical toolbar, two new workflows, and more. 

Each feature upgrade adds more features until you reach the Full Feature Upgrade, which includes all Logos 10 features: Print Library Catalog, autotranslation, and more. 

To see which features are new or improved in Logos 10, go to and sort by “New and improved in Logos 10.” 

Click on features you’re interested in. On the details page, you’ll see which packages and feature upgrades include that feature. If you see “Logos Silver and up,” for instance, that feature comes in Logos 10 Silver packages, Silver Feature Upgrade, and Full Feature Upgrade.  

3. You want new books, but not right now

You might be planning to expand your library in the future, but not today. You can still step up your Logos’ power with feature upgrades. Plus, even if you get a feature upgrade now, you can always add on a Logos library later, since you never pay for the same books or features twice.


In summary, a feature upgrade is an excellent fit for you if:

  • You already own a Logos package and want just the new features (at your custom price).
  • You want to see what Logos 10 can do with your current library.
  • You sense that your current library will give the new features plenty to work with.

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Written by Logos Staff