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This Risen Existence: The Spirit of Easter

Paula Gooder

Paula Gooder leads us on a biblical exploration of the resurrection accounts in each of the Gospels and in Paul’s writings, as well as the account of the Ascension and coming of the Spirit at Pentecost in Acts. Arranged for daily reading through the seven weeks of Eastertide, the book leads us on an exciting journey of discovery through the New Testament narratives in a quest to discover what resurrection tells us about life after death, the end times, and what it actually means to be a Christian.

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Fruit for the Soul: Luther on the Lament Psalms

Dennis Ngien

It can be easy to forget how much energy Martin Luther devoted to helping the common person understand and take comfort from God’s word. This commitment extended to even the most challenging of biblical texts and nowhere is this more apparent than Luther’s work on the lament psalms. Difficult to understand, and perhaps even more difficult to implement in life and devotion, the lament psalms played a key role in Luther’s thought. More importantly, the lament psalms were for Luther an essential part of the Christian’s understanding of the life of faith. In "Fruit for the Soul: Luther on the Lament Psalms," Dennis Ngien helps contemporary readers engage Luther’s commentary on the lament psalms. What Luther intended for the education and encouragement of everyday Christians, Ngien unpacks and illuminates for life in the twenty-first century.

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