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Never Take a Verse Out of Context Again

Get the Lexham Context Commentary: New Testament, with introductions by Leland Ryken.

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Lexham Context Commentary - Logos Edition

Careful, Quick Summaries

Read a summary of any passage in the New Testament, no matter the size—from major divisions to
paragraphs to verses.

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Know Where You Are

The Lexham Context Commentary is like a heavily annotated outline of the entire New Testament. Zoom in as close—or out as far—as you want, and you’ll get a short, reliable description of wherever you are.

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Context Is King

You’re checking a cross-reference in James 1, and you want to make sure you’re understanding accurately. Where has James’ argument come from? Where is it going? Grab your roadmap: just open up the Lexham Commentary: New Testament.

Leland Ryken

Introductions by Leland Ryken

Leland Ryken has long been at the forefront of “close reading”—of reading the Bible as literature. Ryken’s introductions will acquaint you with the major genres of literature in the New Testament, helping you read each in keeping with what kind of book it is, from Gospel to epistle to apocalypse.