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Out of Print & Brought to Life

The CBL has been out of print for 20+ years, but the demand for these resources remains. With this 39-volume set, you’ll discover premium biblical scholarship and study tools with resources including

  • Old and New Testament Study Bible
  • Biblical Commentary
  • Hebrew-English Dictionary
  • Greek-English Dictionary
  • Harmony of the Gospels
  • And more

Go Beyond the Average Footnote

Dive deeper into your study with an encyclopedic survey of each book, unique Hebrew and Greek interlinears, New Testament textual apparatus, verse-by-verse commentary, and various Bible translations weaved throughout the text.

Study the Bible, Word by Word

Go from your study Bible to an in-depth word study without missing a beat. CBL’s Hebrew and Greek dictionaries are packed with features, including grammar and resource tools, concordances, and word studies for every Hebrew and Greek word.

Read Together in Four-Part Harmony

Discover a unique harmony of the Gospels, where every verse is accounted for but no verse is repeated. See the four Gospels side by side (in KJV) along with a fifth Diatessaron column weaving each account together to share a single narrative in modern English.

Old and New Testament, 39 vols. (The Complete Biblical Library | CBL)

The Complete Biblical Library was a remarkably ambitious undertaking involving over 500 Bible scholars and researchers. It took over 20 years to produce an exhaustive reference set, unlike any other. The result was a 39-volume library detailing the entire Bible, blending all study tools into one resource.

Collection value: $1,149.38

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Your Price: $1,033.99

Old Testament, 22 vols. (The Complete Biblical Library | CBL)

Old Testament, 22 vols. (The Complete Biblical Library | CBL)

Collection value: $589.68

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New Testament, 17 vols. (The Complete Biblical Library | CBL)

New Testament, 17 vols. (The Complete Biblical Library | CBL)

Collection value: $559.70

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